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    Suit him up! He's got more balls than anybody on the Sharks.
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    My Cousins daughter got a four years Soccer Scholarship to St. Mary's College on National signing day They featured her on the front cover of their Soccer page yesterday
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    Unless of course he went back to Canada to get them, in which case he's probably still in the waiting room.
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    Sharks win on my Mom and Daughters Birthday. The force is strong in them.
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    Here is what should happen. Suspend Alex Burrows 15 games, 10 for the act itself and 5 for all the other BS he's pulled and gotten away with it. Suspend Andy Greene 5 games for wearing a C and watching idly as his team's best player gets kneed in the head by one of the dirtiest, most-despised, players in the NHL. Suspend everyone else on the New Jersey Devils for 1 game for allowing Burrows to finish the game with impunity. Awful seeing Burrows do what he did but my stomach churns at how nothing happens to him. This game used to sort that stuff out naturally and it was a good thing.
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    Not tonight. But this terrible team that drives me absolutely nuts is somehow 2nd in the pacific going into the allstar break. So thats something
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    It's a school night. I'll be treading lightly. I have two meetings the following morning. One in which I am presenting. Being hungover won't show very well. Edit: I'll check with work if there are any discount tix available. They're lower bowl but not club though...
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    Happy to host you for this. Off to the dirty Oil we go. Crash at my place after.
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    My next case of beer will be Red Stripe
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    There is something to this. Pretty sure if someone watches porn all day they are not someone you would want dating your daughter. I know I would not. And yes marbles that means you!
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    Stupid statement. Like shootings don't happen when Dem's are in charge? Shootings aren't a political party issue. On the way home tonight my older boy (a junior in high school) asks me what I think we can do to prevent these shootings...which I don't have an answer for. He says to me...there has to be some level of parenting to blame as good parents know whats going on with their teens, who they hang with/what they're into, etc. Not sure if he's right but good parents, stable families, etc can't hurt. Ultimately, you can't prevent every bad thing in a free society.
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    I do love the hate that team USA and team Canada have in woman’s hockey. There is nothing contrived. It is pure hate and fantastic for the sport. Well done ladies.
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    more pics of Howard from Australia trolling the North Korean cheerleaders
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    Because they have to continue the naritive
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    That one-hour break tonight gave me enough time to watch the Snowboard Halfpipe finals before the game. Thanks NHL Schedulers for doing something right for a change!
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    That was 450 years ago? You and Fugazi, man....
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    I am pulling for Canada in Ice Dancing. Brother-sister skating teams creeps me out.
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    I wanna puke! "Hockey is for everyone" night. I don't give a **** if you're lgbtq+ or what the **** ever! People are people, stop segregating yourselves!!! Don't you ******* understand that by segragating yourselves you are creating division instead of unity?!?! I don't give a **** what you are unless you're a Kings fan!! Rant off
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    Average person doesn't mean inexperienced. Get a good skier, someone who does cross-country, etc. The best one would be a beer league team playing the Swedes in hockey.
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    Witness the budget deal: "We have two parties here...One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party. Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that's both evil and stupid. That's called bipartisanship." -- M Stanton Evans
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    Becerra is just itching for a fight with the DOJ. One of these days he might have ICE knocking on his door and dropping a subpoena on his ass for obstruction of justice. I'll buy the first round the day that happens
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    A moron for bumping the switch or for having a Prius?
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    Toronto scores 7 goals and Marleau is a -1. Discuss.
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    You must be crazy. Oh wait, you are crazy
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    Hey sharks great timing on the Logan Dentist commercial.
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    Look who I ran into in the outside"smoking" lounge...
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    Maybe Ms. Waters has a point here. She is acting like a petulant child and obviously she needs to be protected from those hateful, ugly words being spoken by Mr. Trump. If it wasn’t age discrimination, the warning should specifically be for children over the age of 17 TRO
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    Losing Thornton hurts big time. They can't replace him and nobody is stepping up in his stead. That doesn't bode well for this team as the cupboard is bare. Your organization is screwed when you lose a 38 year old guy and you have no plan B. The other guys are going to get beat up even more. There's nobody to put a stop to that.
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    Sorry. I am working to keep this economy going unlike some people....
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    I don't think it really matters who gets what anymore. The Democrats and Republicans are worse than cats and dogs. I've seen cats and dogs get along just fine. I don't have a lot of hope that these two knot-headed parties can get much, if anything, worthy accomplished. Somebody will be getting screwed in the process.
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    of course, gotta break in the new arena
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    This bar has bottles of Pliny. Life ain't terrible right now
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    And yet Toronto lost the game. As I have often said, Marleau keeps adding to his personal stats yet makes very little difference to the success of the team. Can't imagine clearer evidence than this - after 20 years and 500+ goals, he is a career -12. His presence on the ice made virtually no difference to his teams. Note, in contrast, Thornton is a career +185 or so.
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    El Lay TV never fails to entertain us
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    Nice to see them cut us a break in a 6-2 game.
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