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    What a weird June for hockey...
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    Yeah Fugazi celebrated his 49th with Abraham Lincoln. Think he hid booze in his hat.
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    So, the game was alright as the pastime. The Giants' pitching melted down completely mid-game, Oakland scored 5 runs on 5 hits, and at the bottom of the 7th cjelliko called it a day, so we walked back to Westfield SF where the ladies were having a good time. AT&T park is going down. They banned plastic lids and plastic straws "because they float into the bay" when you buy a soda at a concession stand. However the lemonade sold on the isle between the seats has both the lid and the straw. WTF? They also made it a non-smoking area. You can't smoke and reenter, too. Not that I needed a cig during this visit... But if they do it at the Tank, I'll stop going. Overall, it was a nice time, and it feels good to be at the game with two local teams when you don't really care about the outcome. We got two snow globes, and cjelliko got his first ballpark experience. Good weekend.
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    Leaving northern Michigan 6 AM to make 5 hr drive to Milwaukee to catch flight home. Bit of a depressing visit overall but I had to see it again. Economy depressed up here, Calumet population is now 6k instead of the 15k when I lived here 40 years ago. Was just some old bald fk at mr Kauppila's memorial service.. just a handful even remembered me. I never could locate my grandfathers old fishing camp 25 miles north of Calumet in the Keewenaw, still pockets way up here where the internet just doesn't work.. there is a hole in the 'cloud' up here. most aggressive black flys on the planet here, they follow you into your car.. and bite you. Saw a bear, deer jumping out on the road.. the house I used to live in is gone and lot is now a hospital parking lot.. Sigh. found a livable house up here for $19k, but my wife refuses to even consider living retirement up here because average winter snowfall is 241 inches. But when you're 17 and dreaming of being an NHL player, this was the place to be. Not so much at 59.. wish i knew how to post pics here.. then y'all would see it too..
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    Thanks Sharkhaywood & Cjelli - I feel totally up to date now on Cap situations of the final Tavares contenders. SJ still lookin good! Dont believe anyone has ever worn #91 for teal.. symmetry with the other JT that wears #19.. IT'S OUR SIGN from the hockey GODS!!
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    more Yeah there is one huge element they don’t want to talk about when compared to other major US sports leagues.
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    I vote the bail fund be tapped for a down payment!
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    Yeah he did not pan out but it was a very bad message to the team at that time. In fact you can argue the sharks did win that trade. But it did not end well either way for San Jose. The team mentality suffered from coworker syndrome. And this reinforced that.
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    Winning with the Ducks. Bigger disappointment.
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    For a long time, it seemed like the San Jose Sharks took the safe road when it came to drafting/development. Why take a guy who has talent, but some flags, when you there's a kid who'll be a virtual lock as a third line grinder for 10 years? I'm not going to get upset they shed that direction and went with Ryan Merkley. I didn't read up much about this past draft but from what I did read, it was short on top-end talent, which Merkley has. So rolling the dice in the late first round seems like a good risk to take. Especially when they've appeared to become a team that can work through the issues Merkley is said to have. And he's still 18. The fellow wasn't even alive when Vincent Damphousse or Ray Sheppard got here.
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    I hadn't noticed but he apparently did. The smart ass in me wanted to respond with "I will gladly pay you for the value of the article. Where do I send the dime?"
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    Sorry...but no...the Clinton's would side with the devil, Charles Manson and Joseph Stalin if they thought it would win them an election.
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    ..and SO GLAD you posted the ENTIRE ARTICLE again just to tell us that..
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    Hey everyone. Was a bit of the sharks last year and looking at watching more this season. Got a little lost with our players. Thought I would come on here and start learning about the team. Whats a few key players that I should no about?
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    Croatia vs England for me is dad's side vs mom's. The president of Croatia may be the tiebreaker.
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    What is hilarious is I went to Hockey Buzz on July 1st to see what the clown had to say. His rumor report is now behind a paywall. Who would actually pay for that?
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    You, me and many others in here strongly disagreed with Obama on some issues. However, I don't recall anyone ever hoping for his death. Bclay and the alt-left are completely unhinged. It must be really hard to be that angry. It has to sap their energy and mental health. I pity them and their families for the anger that consumes them.
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    The bleeding heart liberals should volunteer to pay at least 50%, AT LEAST, of their total income in taxes to help cover the costs of all the socialist programs they desire to force down the throats of those who don't want them. You want welfare? Pay for it! You want illegal aliens? Pay for them! You want, you want, you want... Put your ******* money where your ******* mouth is or shut the **** up and crawl back under your rock! But neeeoooooo, the bleeding heart liberals want to sit on their fat asses and receive handouts funded by someone else's money. **** that! I pay too much in taxes already! Since the inception of "Obamacare" I'm paying through the nose and out the ass for useless ******* healthcare! It's ******* garbage! A ******* phone call with the doc costs $45!! A ******* PHONE CALL for crying out loud!!!! **** you bleeding heart liberals!!!!!!!!! Thanks for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!
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    I went into the chase for Tavares saying "No way the Sharks are getting him. We never land any big time free agent." Then the media kept putting out reports that he was high on the Sharks list and the Sharks had a ton of cap space available. This got me thinking "Maybe there is a chance." As the week wound down last week that the Sharks were the front runners to land him if he chose to leave New York. I watched Twitter all day Saturday for news he had re-signed with New York. As Midnight passed and there was no announcement I started to think "Oh my God. We may get Tavares!" I watched Twitter all morning on Sunday only to see the disappointing news that not only did he go to Toronto, but Marleau talked to him extensively about why he should go to Toronto. That made it even more of a kick in the balls. As it turns out the whole experience was a great representation of what it's like being a Sharks fan. They do just enough to get your hopes up before smashing them to bits.
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    **** Suarez, he's dives more than a hooker on a big payday Saturday Night
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    No. This is all about a guy reliving his childhood fantasy in real life. There’s nothing Doug Wilson could’ve done.
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    That's probably a part of Trump's collusion.
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    I guess JT wanted to play with Marleau
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    I hope the inflated deal he took this last year was part of the deal for him to take much less this year after signing Kane and Tavares.
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    Take it one step further - turn it into an NHL prime time reality drama show where all the final GM's are locked in a fancy mansion drinking champagne, yelling at each other for a week, saying their team is obvisouly the BEST.. then Tavares finally comes in and gives a long stem rose to one lucky GM. Boom!
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    Back in the early 00's, my company team at the time played the 'Sun Micros' at Fremont Iceoplex. I checked McNealy into the boards and $50 dollar bills started falling out of his hockey pants! He wasn't that good, but he smelled like money. He was older than even me.
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    Working his way up the food chain. I picture CMShark in the Jurassic park night goggles on his back porch with a domestic beer in a cozie. Is this wrong?
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    Mike‏ @hockeymikeincda It makes me laugh to think of journalists who went to sports-journalism school, only to stand outside an office tower to provide hot takes on executives entering and leaving the building. #TavaresWatch
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    Hopefully this is Lou's reaction to Tavares signing with San Jose
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    I used to but I have a full scouting report on all New England high school leagues and German/Swiss junior leagues.
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    Those kids are ALL actually getting 'hurt' south of our border. Abused, dragged 800 miles through the Mexican dust to have their parents (or worse) cast their youthful fate to the winds. Does that sound fair? Cartel members seek out and abuse them. Women constantly get unspeakable things done to them on the dirt trails of Mexico Listen, getting shelter out of the hot sun, getting a pad to rest on, getting hot food to eat is very likely the best treatment those poor children have received in years. They have very little to begin with. The government of Mexico, Nicaragua, etc. (and the democrats) are asking the USA to be foster care providers to the entire international community. Open your eyes to the entire picture, not just what CNN wants your to see. You're being played.
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    Who has an abundance of disposable income? I want to host a “debate” between Ann Coulter and bclay. Could make millions if the attempted talking over each other was decipherable TRO
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    Ironic, considering Kurz built an entire career on retweeting Pierre Lebrun and calling it insider info.
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    **** I was 22 and counter****** waitresses at the truck stops when you were born..
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    The Warriors signed DeMarcus Cousins going into a full CSKA mode.
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    It's not nice having a Venezuela on your border.
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    He's probably at a local bar throwing darts at a board that has all the GMs pictures on it.
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    Yup, it was an ominous big tan monstrosity building along the bay shoreline as u got off the Dumbarton eastbound. The techies in the early days called that place 'Sun-Quentin'. Ha! People made big money at Sun in the 90's..
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    After the season he had?? FFS... He survived. Here's your ribbon! Now GTFO!! After seven years, he should be a helluva lot better. He's not. He played because the Sharks depth is that bad, not because he's good. Soon... hopefully... 11+ hours of work on 3.5 hours of sleep. I'm gassed. After another Bourbon, I'll be gasseder...👍👍
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    You want some?? If it involves Sammy, you should always question it!
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    I liked it. This wasn't a draft with a lot of elite talent according to everything I read. Kid has some negatives but all these kids do. They've gambled on guys with "character concerns" in the past. Some haven't worked out, but some have and they probably have a better track record than most teams in that area. They need skill in the lineup. They have some younger guys coming up right now but none really seem to have the ceiling this player has. Also like that they seem to have realized that defenseman you target in the draft, especially early on, need to have an offensive element to their game, need to be good skaters, and need to make good passes.
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    The media and the DNC are using children as weapons against Trump.