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    F U Nancy Armour!! F U USA Today!! Going after a two month old sports franchise for a bad and barely sexist joke. Why don't you write stories on all the Hollywood power doche bags that have victimized women for decades and covered everything up? Would your bosses allow you to even write that? No? Attack the root of the problem, not the Vegas hockey team. Nancy's attack piece and fake moral indignation article above only signals deflection and more entertainment industry cover-up is the norm. So FU !!!
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    New season, new house, new TV, new couch. The beer is not new, though, going with 805.
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    Physically, she's ok. Thank you! We'll have to wait and see how this shakes out for her mentally. People next to her were hit. She has now witnessed people being shot. If you think about it from the ******* coward's location, she was a tiny fraction of an inch from being shot herself. Make a point of at least telling those you care about that you love them anytime you get the chance. You never know when those chances will run out...
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    2016-2017 Sharks goals: Pavelski/Burns: 29 each Marleau: 27 Couture: 25 next, less gifted: 11
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    Donates 10M to a children's hospital and openly expresses that he doesn't want to be defined by the colour of his skin. And with all of that, still excels at his craft and has a personality that while you make like or dislike, it'd be tough to argue that it's dishonest. Speaking for myself, but I think that's a good example.
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    Thank you all for your input but I'm going to go back to not caring about American politics now. When's regular season start?
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    Scott Wasilewski‏ @scottywazz 2h2 hours ago The San Jose Sharks intermission focusing on how Patrick Marleau is doing in Toronto is like the person who stalks their ex's social media just to see what's new in their world.
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    2 goals for Tierney 3rd line.
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    Maybe they just don't have somebody with the stones to fire Doogie... Me? I've always hated firing people (save for a couple that really needed firing big time) but I'd be happy to do it for the Sharks. It wouldn't take enough time for the seats around the table to get warm. "Come on in Doug and have a seat... Doug, you've had a good run here but you're fired! Thank you for all you've done...what are you still doing here Doug?"
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    The only team in the NHL with ZERO points... ...your San Jose Shaaaaaarks...
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    The fire is only two miles from us now and the wind is supposed to be back tonight or early tomorrow. I sent the family to stay with relatives out of our County. The dog and I, and a couple friends...Winchester & Glock, are staying as the Sheriff's Office is reporting several incidents of looting... For those of you so inclined, pray for the people in Sonoma County.
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    The better ice helps faster, more skillful teams. Can't see why the Sharks decided to make life easier for their opponents.
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    Jesus Christ, Niemi fell down coming out of the locker room onto the ice. Give him a contract extension Penguins.
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    Lebanc is tied with Marleau for league lead in goals. Discuss
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    Marleau would've scored there
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    Amazing, NBC delays opening night, and we can't even listen to Randy. This Sucks
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    Good ******* grief Tierney!!! How the **** do you miss that? That's harder to miss than to knock it in!!
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    Hey Red, I'm a little late to this, but good to hear that your daughter is ok. It's good that you were able to talk with her through that. There's no real good way to process what happened, but its always helpful to keep communications open. Good vibes your way.
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    I feel so inclined to reply yet at the same time, I joined this site to talk about hockey because talking about hockey is fun and talking about politics on the internet is not fun.
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    Well...well...if Trump stayed in the Paris Climate deal the hurricanes wouldn't have happened!! So there!!
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    The media has one voice.. That voice is the DNC with identity politics and victimhood. F the left! The only voice that speaks for the fans is the comment section of the articles spewed from the left. The media is completely out of touch and they think they can influence us. That shipped sailed long ago. Long live the WWW!
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    I am just going to keep repeating this is all rhetoric to distract the masses.
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    Let him take the knee during the CANADIAN anthem. That's his country, that's his problem. Nobody forced him to come and play in this racist country.
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    How about crop dusting peeps that wouldn't stand? Is that acceptable during the Anthem? I hope so...
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    Keep your fascist partisanship out of our sport.
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    Just remember if you over do it Danvilleing it can lead to you being a Marbles.
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    What has happened to this board? CBF is making me feel better. Ban me!
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    Actually Hornet that launched the Doolittle raiders was CV-8 and lost in Oct 1942. The Hornet Museum is the Essex Class carrier that replaced the original, it's CV-12. Uncle LEM was aboard the Big E, CV-6 and watched the raiders launch.
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    They don't call it slashing over there, they call it chop sticks.
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    Fk the Niners. I hope they go 0-16 and kneel each week doing it. York can't control his gangsters. They must decide to function as a football team, not a political activist group. Leaders in that tribe choose not to lead and I won't support it.
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    Vlasic last one out of the sharks head
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    Oh, yeah. Not sure what part of Croatia.
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    Just spent 11 days in Munich and Austria. Best part was unplugging from the shitty 24 hour news cycle and Trumps freak show. Enjoy your vacation. After spending time with level headed, normal Europeans you'll feel your IQ dropping on the flight back.
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    It is very easy to say I am protesting against injustice. Who could possibly be against that right? What exactly is Joel Ward considering a protest over? I want specifics. He wont answer because he knows that is when things start to divide team mates. If you protest cops you must then protest teachers because blacks fair far worse in the classroom than they do in jail though one can argue the early path clearly leads to the later one.
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    Jealousy by a GM got him traded, I just can't figure out how Dougie missed out on that trade. He could of sent Marleau to the Habs and ended all of the off season drama
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    THIS ^^^^ The only sport I think is actually better live is hockey. Baseball is close.
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    Kimmel never cared until his son suddenly needed medical care and now he's trying to dictate from his podium about healthcare . Hollywood elite indeed.
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    Arena manager We Tu Dark is looking into the situation..