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    When even Ruth Bader Ginsberg openly criticizes how politicized this process has become things have gone off the rails. Prior to 1955, over 150 years, the appointments to the Supreme Court didn't even involve the circus sideshow that has become the confirmation hearings. It was all done based on the written record. Every Democratic Senator said from before Kavanaugh was even named the candidate that they would vote no regardless of who was nominated. This allegation was known by Feinstein before his hearing and she didn't ask any questions about it or demand an investigation until just days before the scheduled vote. It was clearly held back to get a delay in the vote at all costs. This opposition has absolutely nothing to do with Kavanaugh and EVERYTHING to do with the Democrats pissed off because he will be replacing Kennedy. It was Kennedy himself, a man who was hailed as a genius by the left for years, who recommended Kavanaugh to replace him. Apparently Justice Kennedy thinks a "total scumbag" is fit for the highest court in the land. "You're all disgusting." "I honestly have no idea how is it possible so many people have turned from decent human being to complete scum in less than two years." These statements are a perfect example of when you don't have the facts to win an argument you resort to name calling. Time and time again like a broken record. Anyone you don't like is scum, a member of the Jewish mafia, corrupt, or as evidenced by your recent diatribe against Devin Nunes, it isn't supported by a single fact whatsoever. Take a ******* pill or something. You want to have a discussion bring some ******* facts.
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    Too much of a hockey brain. I saw that pic and wondered - Why is a Zamboni out on the Dumbarton in the first place?
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    I typed 'Two Fins and a pole' into my browser and it was blocked by work security...
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    The Merc has a paywall and I've already hit my limit. **** the Merc.
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    Let's see, john-john was 2 and Caroline was 4 when JFK was banging Marilyn Monroe in March, 1962. And right where Kayne West was dropping f-bombs in the Oval office last week was the same 1996 spot where Clinton was dribbling all over his intern in the blue dress. Your fake moral indignation at all things 'Trump' is comic relief actually.
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    KRON TV - Deep psychological trauma was experienced by hundreds of Sonoma County Teens today as they encountered NO INTERNET SERVICE for up to 22 straight uninterrupted hours. Local Urgent Care Centers were flooded. Jerry Brown has dispatched a strike team of mental health counselors into the population areas of Sonoma County this morning..
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    92 is a cluster **** on a general saturday when the weather is nice. Let alone on a festival day. The success of the Bay is also the downfall which makes it a bitter sweet deal. Enjoy the weather and best global economic location, just have to put up with the **** as well. Just moved into our new/first home. Man can I say I'm so happy with this purchase. Small but all useable space 3 bedroom. Floor to ceiling windows along the entire wall in the living areas. Beautiful yard. Nice location in Tempe (not in student central but located near to good food and close enough to get to the campus areas). No HOA, dumpster in the backyard to toss the bodies. Its great. Oh, and opened up a nasty wound on my white collar hands tilling the yard in the rental to cover up the trenches our hound ******* excavated after a year of post poop victory laps. Have to say I did a good job with the leveling, helpped by a hurricane influence downpour that redistributed the pea gravel over the dirt patches I created. This .5 liter of hefe if tasting might fine. If only the sharks could come back in this game. Oh and about 2 weeks ago we gave the 100 degree weather the finger and the highs have been around 79 since then. Long live winter!
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    Fully realize you saw much more up close tragedy in the north bay last year than I did - but if there is ever a perfect storm of wildfire conditions like last October, why NOT turn off the power for some hours to mitigate everyone's disaster risk? People want their rustic distant rural living, natural landscapes AND their 220v hot tub 24/7 too. This is America! From now on, there may need to be some trade-offs. Story on the news last night about some Sonoma residents complaining about trees PG&E had red-tagged for removal. "That marked tree is 40 feet from the power pole, that's just dumb!" If residents want PG&E to assume all risk, what's wrong with stockholders asking in turn for 100 ft. vegetation clearance around all their service poles in rural areas? Ultimately, another problem/risk solved by storeable solar power.
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    Me too, less stairs without railing to hang on to. Where's Marbles when you really need him?
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    I saw an ad for flare legged yoga pants the other day. Tight, stretchy flares. Kinda like the double-knits Paul Newman wore in Slap Shot. They probably don't make them in loud plaids or in sizes for men. Yet.
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    Fire the sharks board moderator! Oh wait.
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    I was driving around when the game started and on satellite radio I found the Flyers radio feed. They were singing the praises of the Sharks from before the opening faceoff. They also pointed out how DW has been able to land 2 big time players by way of trade in the past few months without really giving up a ton. I did hear one quote from Karlsson that got me hopeful. He was asked about his contract situation and said he wasn't even going to think about that until December or January which would be when the Sharks can make him the 8 year offer on a contract. Encouraging that he wasn't saying he wasn't going to think about a contract until the end of the season. I told a guy at work who is a Sharks fan that I wouldn't be surprised to see a career 40 goal year out of Kane this year. I think for the first time in his career he is happy with the team he is on and is playing for a winning team. He now has 13 goals in 21 games as a Shark. He has far and away been the best player on the ice through 4 games. Braun is getting used to playing with Dillon who doesn't have the hockey IQ of Vlasic. Dillon last night made a couple of questionable pinches that resulted in Braun have to face an odd man rush coming back at him. He never had to deal with that playing with Vlasic. I will wait to pass judgment on that pairing until later in the season but so far it hasn't been very good. The Fins will be good against teams that don't play a physical style of hockey. Any team that plays physical will be able to take them off the puck.
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    Depending on with whom you're talking here, you could end up with a much more intelligent conversation keeping it solo.
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    Throw back to the Ricci/Owen Nolan days. It don't get no better than that
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    Sorenson just maimed Gudas by taking the hit. Sneaky
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    IPA sucks big fat sweaty donkey balls.
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    See, if the police were open and honest about this along with keeping the records in house with a data destruction policy then I would tolerate it. The truth is the databases of license plates is usually not maintained by the police but rather the private company the police are paying for the technology. It is these companies who share the data with federal authorities who in turn store the data indefinitely (or require the company to store said data). The license plate data combined with the ever increasing network of cell site simulators and warrantless collection of cell phone location data allows any law enforcement agency to virtually track everywhere you have been for as long as the data has been collected. That’s why I strongly oppose ALPRs. TRO
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    So going to the DMV and the doctor today was a better use of my time today, eh?
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    I think they need to switch Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns on the PP. Right now, it's set to have Burns at QB and Karlsson as an outlet/trigger, with Logan Couture as a trigger on the other side. The other two guys are always net front for screen and high slot for redirects. Karlsson is much better suited for the QB role while Burns out to be trigger. Handiness is an issue though, having a right shot on the right side makes the one-timer a no go. Couture has been good in his place and he seems to prefer coming in and shooting off his strong side but maybe switching him and Burns on either side of Karlsson at top would yield better results as a whole.
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    Fun game to be at. The Kings fans were a little less rowdy than usual. Probably because a lot of them were looking at their phone, checking the baseball score for half the game.
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    Jarrett Stoll says the hit was dirty. So is base lining coke in Vegas with some street walkers though, so who is he to judge?
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    I've never looked a sloth the same since. Sorry sloths.
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    I am on the hiring committee at my work. Wvery once in a blue moon a candidate will subject of a serious accusation. We look into it. The accused gets the benefit of the doubt. This is not just what happens in a courtroom this is how society works. If there is zero evidence what else can we do?
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    Wow just read this in the Boston Globe FEINSTEIN PLAYED FORD LIKE A PAWN As she entered the room in her crisp blue suit, Christine Blasey Ford seemed nervous, and rightfully so. Initially hesitant to publicly accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago, Ford appeared teary-eyed and vulnerable as she told her story to the US Senate and to the nation. Ford’s recitation of an incident that has “haunted” her most of her life came across as sincere. In a particularly moving response to questioning, the Laura Linney look-alike said that the moment most “indelibly” seared in her mind was the “uproarious laughter” of the older boys at her expense. I have no doubt that Ford has been deeply affected by the misogynistic cruelty of high school boys when she was just 15. Nor do I doubt that someone whom she believes to be Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her in her youth. Her apparent fragility made clear she believes what she says. But the science on the weakness and malleability of human memory and the fact that none of the witnesses that Ford has named corroborate her story raise concerning questions about the accuracy of the specific claims against Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh’s emotional defense of his character and indictment of the confirmation process was an important reminder that none of this is really about him or even Christine Blasey Ford. It’s about abortion, plain and simple. For years, progressives have wrongly regarded Justice Anthony Kennedy as the only thing standing between women and the back alley. So Democrats vowed to do whatever it took to stop President Trump’s nominee to replace Kennedy, even before Trump named a successor. Enter Ford. In July, Senator Dianne Feinstein learned of Ford’s story. Had Feinstein really been worried that the president had named a sexual predator to the Supreme Court, she should have explained to Ford the need to share the allegation with her colleagues confidentially. Having done that, Feinstein should have convinced a bipartisan group of senators to ask the president to withdraw the nomination and select someone else. This approach would have been respectful of both Ford’s privacy and Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation. But she deliberately chose not to do that. Why? Because Feinstein had no interest in the truth of the allegation. Feinstein’s interests were purely political: fire up the “resistance,” bring home a high-profile scalp for the #MeToo movement, and shore up the left flank in order to fend off a progressive Senate challenger. How else to explain Feinstein’s invitation to actress Alyssa Milano, a leading #MeToo activist, to attend the hearing as her guest? How else to explain her repeated references to farcical claims that Kavanaugh was part of a teenage gang rape ring? Feinstein’s behavior makes clear she played Ford like a pawn. That is not a condemnation of Ford, it is a condemnation of Feinstein. Saying so isn’t “survivor shaming,” it’s “Senate shaming.” Let’s be honest: Feinstein allowed two people and their families to be the subject of death threats and to be publicly humiliated and emotionally destroyed. Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues don’t care whether they re-traumatized Ford, destroyed the reputation of a faithful public servant, or destroyed the credibility of our public institutions. Because, well, abortion. Welcome to the Resistance. Jennifer C. Braceras, a former commissioner on the US Commission on Civil Rights, is a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum
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    Just saw a post on Facebook that says "Sasquatch has had more eyewitnesses than Christine Ford."
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    Gotta love the "Hit Somebody!!" chant when there's been plenty of hitting in the game
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    Finally caught up to the game live. Wouldn't be Sharks hockey if some kid didn't score his first career goal.
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    That's because she felt dirty having to answer yes to all those personal questions.
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    I have a mom, two sisters and a wife. I would never support any candidate that did what the judge was accused of regardless of party. The standard that we use as burden of proof simply was not met here. Of people think it was nobody is safe.
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    Today I ran for 5 miles. Packed. Drank a beer. Read. Listened to some Creedence. Persistance, dedication, drive.
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    My position would be the same no matter the candidate or their politics. This is not fair to any judge from any party. If there is no evidence to back up an accusation our system is very simple. We have a presumption of innocence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof_(law) I am pro choice and can find other faults with this candidate.but that is not the issue at hand here. A fair process is. If this is allowed to derail this judge then we enter a new age of simply throw out an unproven partisan accusation and that is enough to stop a candidate. This is similar to Bill Clinton on perjury. I liked the guy and thought he was a good president but when the dems allowed him to commit a felony in office and not impeach him for it they set up a collision they may not like later. Now the R party could say,,,"you would not impeach your guy when he was caught red handed so we are not going to impeach our guy". By any mean necessary is not a legitimate strategy for running a country.
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    Anyone else remember people predicting this kind of player/behaviour would take over with the extinction of true tough guys? I do.
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    This comes across as just........wrong. Even with legalized sports gambling going basically nationwide I don't think professional sports teams should be partners with a sports book.
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    I dont know, man. I think I nearly lost about 85% of the Jaeggermeister shots I did take.
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    A la the Vlasic-Doughty pairing that was so successful in the Olympics.
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    To each his own. I also have nothing to hide however I don’t want to give up my ability to without a fight. Again, if there were actually publicly reviewable policies about the use of these devices, the data retention policies and the data access policies then I would be less against it. And you may be in favor of it now - I recommend driving through lynnwood Washington then reconsidering your opinion. There are ALPR cameras at every traffic light in every direction, additional ones on all arterial entrances/exits to the city and scattered through the city on light posts. If you drive into lynnwood you will be tracked by the police. That is not okay. That should not be acceptable for any free society. TRO
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    Now that this **** show has calmed down, I took the over. Do I owe you a beer or is the first round on you? im probably at one of the sharks games in the second week of December (though I still need to buy the game ticket... and the plane ticket) TRo
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    Agree let them play with what they wish but pushing them to play this way is just wrong.
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    "Pathetic," he said. "That's what it is. Pathetic." He turned and walked slowly down the stream for twenty yards, splashed across it, and walked slowly back on the other side. "As I thought," he said. "No better from this side. But nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that's what it is."