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    That article is the longest definition of "ummmmm" I've ever read.
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    Me and my youngest are halfway to Yellowstone in the RV. Staying overnight near the Great Salt Lake and off to Yellowstone early tomorrow. Total trip, 8,800 miles, 21 states, 30 days.
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    Niemi's career earnings are a more impressive and mysterious crime than DB Cooper's hi-jacking and parachute escape.
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    Sharks have the 2,012th pick in the draft this year? Red might be getting a call from DW by next Thursday!
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    I know. probably no fire water up there either. my idea of aromatherapy growing up was giving your girlfriend the Dutch Oven after a chili cheese-burger..
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    Obviously you don't read any of the endless streams of horseshit you post here on a daily basis. It would be impossible for any single person to knock you off your throne of King of the Assinites. You're far and away the most obnoxious ******* @$$hole to login here. Nobody, I mean really, NOBODY likes you here. You're only here because you enjoy being as big of an @$$hole as possible. You ENJOY that! You know what I would enjoy? I would take great pleasure in bouncing your hollow skull off of the ice. That would be a lot of fun! Go back to your shithole town in Canada and never come back. When you get there, do the world an immense favor and **** yourself to death. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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    The Golden Jett is 115 lbs. He gets in the tub, begrudgingly, on his own. Train the dog. It's well worth it. I disagree. The problem was brakes...
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    That reminded me of the day after game 5 vs. the leaves in 94... I had a presentation to make the next day to a potential new customer that would be worth a little over a million to my (small) company. A few problems... First, and foremost, I'm not a sales guy. Second, I'm way hungover. Third, I have essentially no voice left. I walk into work, late, and am greeted by the president/CEO. He's pissed seeing my condition. Forward to the conference room, the CEO finishes his spiel and it's my turn and I'm ready to puke. I already laid out the drawings and printed materials earlier so everyone got a look ahead of time. I start off attempting to apologize for my lack of voice explaining that I was at the hockey game the night before. The customers were like, "Wait! You went to the game?!?!" After that, the conversation was all about hockey. At some point the CEO tried to redirect to business and the customer CEO says, "You got the business, we want to hear about the game!" Eventually, we all piled into cars to head to lunch where the customer CEO insisted upon alcohol, thank God...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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    You break the law to falsely try to undermine a duly elected president you are a traitor.
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    UK, California, NY etc VS Free America like Ohio
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    He was a star in Montreal and they killed him for that. He's better off in the States to grow the league and tell the Canadian media they screwed up with their witch hunt
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    Pekka Rinne plays like Lisa Rinne(a) against Pittsburgh...
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    It's Pittsburgh... ... that's all the evidence needed. I told my GF less than 5 seconds after I saw the replay the very first time that the goal would be disallowed. She said no way, that you couldn't tell from the replay. I shut the game off after the no call on the blatant interference by Crosby. That was an EASY call to make. I'm starting my summer break from hockey early. **** the NHL! They're destroying the best game on Earth.
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    This is what they should review: has adding challenges enhanced the game or detracted from it. Pretty clear what the answer is.
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    The escrow closed! We're now homeowners! The renovation begins tomorrow and is going to last 4-6 weeks. At the end of it there is going to be another danville shark on this board...
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    Now we know who the real captain is.
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    Tower of Power is one of my all time favorites to see. They can still play after all these years. I usually go and see them when they play Music in the Park in San Jose.
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    Wassup Hosers Headed to P'Town for the Mello Family picnic. Hide the women and children because these family reunions have gone off the deep end more than a few times. In fact the city of Santa Clara asked us to never come back Have a great day
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    Why am I thinking there will be a Clayton Stoner Fan Club in Vegas, like by this Friday? Will fans on the Strip vote him in as the first NHL blueliner to wear #420?
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    Doesn't matter. Bettman told the Pit Boss to spot the Golden boys and extra $20m. the desert fix is in.
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    I thought Phil Kessel was protected from the expansion draft?
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    Jesus, what did you do to piss him off?
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    We have planned on leaving California as soon as I retire for years now. We are most interested in either of the Carolinas. What this trip has shown me is that almost everywhere is better than California. We love Eastern Ohio...but it's cold there in winter and there's no beach so that's out...but we really liked Alabama and now Texas, so we will look there also. The crazy politics is one good reason to leave Cali but finances is another. The most I have paid for gas since leaving Caifornia is $2.38 a gallon in Nevada/Utah/Idaho. Once we got to Wyoming and East of there, we have paid as low as $1.88 a gallon. My wife says gas is currently $3.30 a gallon in Sonoma County. I just made a grocery resupply run in Montgomery Texas; everything is way cheaper than back home and the locals all tell me they aren't taxed to death either.
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    Tim Burke should have been fired 5-6 years ago. SJ Easy was right, Dougie may pull off a trade once in awhile to keep the franchise afloat but if you're lousy at drafting which the Sharks have been since 2007 you'll never be a Cup champion
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    Combination of home-town discounts and DW's unshakable loyalist ways, I expect to see both 12 & 19 on the Shark roster this fall, both playing regular roles. Take that to the bank. That's DW. Lots of loosing in Vegas? Not so convinced of that. The rules for expansion drafting have never been so favorable for the incoming team. In past expansion drafts, the new teams got everyone's scraps, fringe players. But when you pay $500m for your expansion team, you can negotiate some favorable draft rules, I guess. McPhee will get a quality NHL player from 30 teams. MA Fleury in goal.. a mix of great draft picks coming back for some NHLers he can afford to trade back come training camp time. Vegas will be strong out of the gate IMO, easily able to roll four lines every night. They'll have depth right out of the chute. vegas has the luxury of not needing players above age 32. McPhee & Gallant are in a room somewhere in Vegas licking their chops at the team they're about to assemble. I think Vegas will challenge for a playoff spot in the first season. They'll snag Dillion off the Sharks and play him as a top-four guy, just like DeBoer did the entire second half of last season. Dillon will play great there and SJ fans will start grumbling why DW didn't expose Braun and keep that top four guy Dillon.
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    The San Jose Sharks have unveiled their new shoulder patches featuring the teams new secondary logo.
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    We made it to the Gulf of Mexico! Perfect weather here in Gulf Shores Alabama. Heading to Pensacola Florida tomorrow to the Blue Angels museum and tour.
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    Gets rid of the co-worker mentality to. I never forgave that little pr!ck for that comment
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    I can tell I have work to do. Her first legal drink was a Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade. I think I need to get her a bottle of Southern Comfort or something.
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    I was just thinking that exact same thing. Watching MSNBC on election night was hilarious. I only wish I had recorded it for whenever I need a good laugh.
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    It's like watching the last election.
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    It worked well for Trayvon Martin.
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    **** off ******* POS! #trollbegone You just hate anyone that does not follow the playbook dont you fucktard?
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    He could try to exert privilege, sometimes the courts go your way sometimes they dont. You know nothing about anything.
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    Just heard that also...problem is, none of us would have been that surprised if it was her.
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    Fugazi, I really appreciate your posting of these clips in here and have all season long. Thank you!
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    I met him at the Hook back in the early 80's. He gave me some good-natured **** about my wetsuit, a Body Glove. Fortunately, I already didn't talk much **** when I was surfing because I was a lousy surfer. I was about to pop off and one of my friends told me who he was so what could've been a bad scene had I started running my yap turned into a nice conversation about surfing. One where I did most of the listening and a lot of learning. "So far, there's no official word on O'Neill's cause of death." Well, I'm no doctor and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but, I'm going to guess 94 had something to do with it... Godspeed Jack! And thank you!
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    As it should be. The federal govt is there to run the country not get involved in everyday life INCOMING
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    The Florida Panthers and Chris Pronger are in talks about a management role with the club. Pronger's player contract with the Arizona Coyotes expires on July 1st. **** pronger
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    The DNC must be in charge of the feed.
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    **** the Pens. Die and go to hell!
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    Or not... I've been busy...