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    second college reply for the oldest was received...wsu pre-vet accepted it's getting real
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    I just won an Echo dot in the big screen contest
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    To be fair though, players often ride guys out in positions like that but T.J. Oshie lost his balance and went down putting his head in a vulnerable position. The dirty part is Joe Thornton not holding back when it happened, which I think he probably could've done. To be honest though, I want to see more of that. Yeah it's dirty, yeah it's nasty, yeah it's mean. I really don't mind.
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    Educating Liberals‏ @Education4Libs 3h3 hours ago If a white man had whistled at Kate Steinle in the work place or called her "Honey", San Francisco would be more outraged at that than her being murdered by an illegal immigrant.
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    Another GWG for Patrick Marleau...102 total out of 517. 19.7% of his goals are game winners, but man that guy sucks!!
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    Trump must be covering up something by those pardons. Do the Dems want to investigate those turkeys for collusion with the Russians?
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    NY Times, LOL. This frothing cluster-fk between the biased media which has declared war on Trump and Americans that despise him is growing to insane levels. You all keep insanely focusing on the wrong questions, the wrong topics. I'm so sick of it. Of course elements of Russia fked with our '16 election, just like they also attempted in past US elections. Just like the US fks with other sovereign nations elections (Israel). The question your ilk keeps running away from now is - did Trump collude with the Russians? Did he? The answer is evolving to a solid 'NO'. After a year of domestic spying utilizing all three American intelligence agencies, Mueller can only find tax evasion by low level guys from 2006? This is all such BS you focus on. It's time for all liberal cry-babies to shut the fk up and let the duly elected president govern.
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    So now that I have been proven right is it still hilarious?
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    The next bobblehead will be Joe Pavelski's shoeless mom.
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    Hooch, it is always better to be extra cautious with these things
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    The dirty dirty oil have now played 27 games (not a small sample size) and they are a combined -14. Only AZ and BUFF suck worse than they do. Ha Ha Ha
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    Just found out I am going to be sitting in a luxury box watching the Foo Fighters tomorrow night at the Save Mart Center in town. Best part about it is the price. Free with a parking pass included.
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    Goal in the first minute would probably rattle a few backups in the NHL but he shut the door the rest of the way, including on some high-quality chances. Pretty amazing that in less than a season-and-a-half, he's gone from 'who's this guy' to one of the better backup goalies in the league.
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    I don't mean actual football. Most people ( I think you picked them to win 8/9 games, right?) agreed that the 49ers made some good moves and were going to be better this year...but look what happened. I'm talking chemistry. The whole organization is more focused on social justice and politics then football. I don't care how many "football" moves you make, when your thought process is more about donating $500k to gun control efforts than a game plan...well, we can all see what's happening. And yes, I know they lost some close games...but that's what distracted teams do.
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    Okay so D5 was asking about Black Friday purchases...just bought myself a trip to Costa Rica that leaves next Turkey Day. May not be my biggest savings, but definitely my favorite!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...Except CBF. FU CBF.
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    I know Nellie and one thing he wouldn't do is waste valuable beer no matter what the circumstances are.
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    yea, blame Trump for this one too, you single-dimension thinking flea bitten euro socialist hack. Your boy Ajit Pai was appointed to the FCC in 2012 by Obama and the plan to repeal existing Net Neutrality rules began in 2015. Yet you believe this one is all on Trump too? You've been hopelessly brainwashed by our bias liberal media. It should bother you that you don't know the truth. Go read up on 'Special interest groups', 'lobbyists' and the 'DC swamp'. Maybe then you'll start to understand what the real problem is and where the actual elected criminals sit. Pssst. Legislative branch of government.
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    Donskoi has 5 and I think Pavs has 4 as well. For those keeping score at home, Marleau has 8 goals.
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    I was curious to see UCLAs verdict on these guys. 'Suspended indefinitely' doesn't sound like anything dramatic will be done. What should be done: One season suspension from all basketball activities. Written letter of public apology to the Chinese government. Passing grades in all your continuing academic work. What will be done: This press conference had to be tough on the boys and they did it well, they were contrite. 6 game suspension. What John Wooden would have done: Walked up to each of the three young players teary eyed, shook their hand and said "I'm sorry things didn't work out for you here at UCLA, we're releasing you from your basketball scholarship. I truly hope you will learn lessons from your unfortunate decisions and best of luck elsewhere."
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    Hell yea, good win. I thought the boys were all very workmanlike and professional tonight. wow, tough crowd in here for this one. Jeez, it was a 2-1 'W' game v. the fkn Kings.. I dug it.
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    Its nice not to have a goalie who is a whiny drama queen bullshitter
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    Hello all, gonna try this out again.
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    Happy Sunday folks I hope your all having a great weekend. I'm out back bbq'ing Italian sausage to add to my spagetti sauce that I'm slow cooking for dinner later tonight...since I'm q'ing that means a Cohiba and a nice red wine since it's a little cold for beer!
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    Didn't Pitts opt to go to the Whitehouse? Collusion!
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    If you would’ve told San Jose Sharks fans in the mid 90s that they’d draft a guy who finish in the top 40 all time in goals in what becomes a largely more defensive game, they’d likely have been ecstatic. But then we saw he had the potential to score 15000 goals and let it go to waste by not trying so it’s kind of tragic.
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    Ryan Carpenter and Markus Sorenson could've both run a guy over behind the net but slowed up to throw a check rather than a hit. Hate seeing hockey like that.
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    Prob be a giveaway at the door soon. I'm sure some 26 year old vp will realize they can afford to give away millions of them (esp at their Chinese sweat shop COGS) for the value of the increased information flow into their dossier banks.
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    You really do need to be careful about this. It could be nothing but it could be your body giving you a warning. You also need to be a strong advocate for yourself here. Insurance may not want to do certain tests but your doc should be able to push through if you push him. Maybe you just slept the wrong way or had a nightmare about the sloth bit what you described is not to be ignored. Read up and be part of the discovery process. All the best
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    Sealed in the box for you - for a cold beer at a future Barracuda game. bobble-Dreds included!
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    This may be another reason the Sharks' popularity is down. It's another area with no changes.
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    Saturday night and hockey is just how it’s supposed to be. Quick brandy to get her going, beers in the fridge and naan in the oven. Let’s go.
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    I wonder if Ben needs help paying the fine?
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    Joonas Donskoi getting less than 13:44 TOI and Logan Couture getting less ice time than Joe Pavelski should tell you everything. Donskoi and Couture are the only two forwards who can reliably create chances with the puck on their stick. If Joe Thornton isn't at 100%, Pavelski might have died a few weeks ago.
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    I can't speak for others, but I assume some are like me. Not defending Moore or pedophiles in any way. What I am defending is someones right to be innocent until proven guilty...just like you, or I, would want if we were ever accused of anything. Moore has been labled a pedophile by you and many others and there hasn't even been an investigation...and that is wrong. Especially in light of, as you also acknowledge, the obvious political connections to these 40+ year old allegations.
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    Hello Marc, Do you have an idea as to how many games you would want to see and what places you wish to visit? Start with the schedule and then figure out (Trip Advisor is your friend) where you would want to go. You can very likely use fan message boards to buy unused season tickets and a fair price. You of course can also go to stub hub. If travelling by car you need to factor weather.
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    Bedtime for this Nana. Hope you all have a better end of the night than is right now!
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    I don't remember anyone worse than Roloson, though.
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