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    Going to Napa to golf and drink wine tomorrow. Not bad.
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    There was a very tall man behind me in SFO security line just now, looks familiar, traveling with his family. After we got past machines, I stuck out my hand and said "Mr. Pronger, you're an awesome hockey player, but I'm a hardcore Sharks fan, so..." He laughed, shook my hand, and said "thanks"... The Cup is ours.
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    I did that once back in the day. I had a customer call me in the morning of Christmas Eve begging me to come to his place to do some work for him. I did NOT want to do anything but sleep. I was out the night before birthday bashing so I was hungover to say the least. I tried to explain to the guy that I wasn't going anywhere but he wouldn't have any of that. He said, "How much will it take to get you here?" It was two jobs that typically took me an hour each and I made $50 each. I reply, "$300 for each job so $600 total." He says, "Done! Be here in an hour?" "Wait...what? What did you say?" He said, "Get your butt outta bed and get over here. I'll put on a pot of coffee and make you something for breakfast. See you in an hour!" So I dragged my hungover ass over to this guy's house, do the jobs, and he hands me $750 cash. I'm like, "Didn't I say $600?" He says, "Yeah you did. I was willing to go a grand. Even with the Christmas bonus you still saved me $250!" I'm thinking mother ******* rich people... Then it was off to buy my mom a bitchin' new TV for Christmas! And another something special for the GF... Looking back, getting Mom the TV was awesome!!
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    http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/matt-walsh-dear-alt-right-white-supremacists-and-leftist-antifa-thugs-you-deserve-each-other/ Matt Walsh: Dear alt-right white supremacists and leftist Antifa thugs, you deserve each other I have already made known my feelings about the white supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville. Their idiocy is overshadowed only by their moral depravity. The one thing they lack more than jobs and girlfriends is a semi-coherent understanding of history. How many of these neo-Nazi punks even realize that Hitler would have marched them to the gas chambers right alongside the black and Jewish Americans they despise? How many of them had grandfathers and great grandfathers who stormed the beaches to defeat the very movement they now wish to resurrect? Part of me hopes their grandfathers are dead so they don’t have to witness what’s become of their families. Part of me hopes they’re alive so they can take their canes and swat these brats across the head. I don’t condone violence, unless it’s a WWII vet delivering a grandfatherly whooping to his vile, ungrateful Nazi grandson. It would be very difficult to go too far in criticizing the sorts of “men” who rallied this weekend. I am forced to put the word “men” in quotes because they are only men in the most literal sense. In any other sense, they are cowardly, pathetic little boys desperate for attention. I am not interested in hearing, as I have heard from some people, that these imbeciles were “driven” to this point because of all the racism and hatred on the Left. There is racism and hatred on the Left — a lot of it, and we’ll get to that in a second — but that does not even begin to excuse them. I have said for years that Leftists ought to be able to express their disapproval of a police shooting without burning down a convenience store. That really is not a high bar to hurdle. In the same way, these people ought to be able to protest racial double standards or Confederate statue removals without becoming actual Nazis. To answer racism or perceived racism by becoming racist is about the dumbest and most indefensible response possible. This applies to the racists on both sides of the fence. Both feel they are justified in acting this way because people on the other side are acting this way. I am so tired of that demented, third grade logic that I could vomit. If you want to be the good guy, you need to be better. If you have no desire to be better, then you are just as rotten as whatever evil or perceived evil you purport to oppose. On that note, it must be emphasized that the despicable beliefs and actions of white supremacists do not vindicate those on the left who have been rioting in cities and on college campuses across the country and committing acts of senseless brutality and politically motivated violence for years now. There are those who want to pretend that the Nazi terrorist coward who got in his car and plowed through a crowd on Saturday did something unprecedented. Sadly, that is not the case. Have we already forgotten about the Black Lives Matter march in Dallas that ended with five Dallas police officers being executed in the street? Or the many hundreds of police officers and journalists and citizens who’ve been beaten or pelted with rocks at leftist “protests”? Or the business owners who’ve had their stores looted and torched? Are we really going to pretend that none of that ever happened? I do not bring this up in order to minimize the most recent terrorist atrocity, but to paint a more complete picture of the situation. It is especially important that we look at the whole picture, because that picture is only going to get worse. Leftist rioters now feel validated, so they will grow bolder and more dangerous. These alt-right racists and Nazis are equally as unlikely to have a change of heart. Back and forth we will go, as our culture circles the drain. You will notice one thing as our death spirals get faster and faster: the terrorists on both sides will become ever more indistinguishable. As they clash with one another in the streets, it will be hard to tell one from the other. The only thing that will mark them as distinct is the flag they carry. But apart from that swastika or that hammer and sickle, they will be — and currently are — virtually identical. Indeed, the similarities between the alt-right white supremacist and the leftist Antifa thug are impossible to miss: -They are both obsessed with identity politics. -They are both racist. -They are both fascist authoritarians who care more about dominating the opposition than protecting the freedoms of all Americans. -They are both lonely and desperate for attention. -They are both nihilists. -They both lack purpose or direction in their lives. -They are both morally defective. -They both could have used stronger male role models growing up. -They both are driven by equal parts hatred and boredom. And so on. These degenerates mirror each other in just about every way. They are each other. They are twins, separated by circumstance and reunited in the streets where they throw rocks and fists at their own reflections. I am not convinced that either group really cares all that much about their respective ideologies. I think they mostly just want to shout at people and burn stuff. Nihilism and indifference is what fuels them. The problem is not that they care too deeply about an issue, or even that they care in the wrong way and about the wrong things, but that they don’t care about much of anything at all. They have led aimless and directionless lives, and in the banners they have taken up, and the chaos they bring to our cities, they find a little spark of life in their darkened souls. They find something to do. A purpose. Even more important: an enemy. And the enemy they have found is exactly like themselves. They deserve each other. And, I’m sorry to say, we deserve them. God help us all.
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    Going old school today...Anchor Steam to drink and cheddar/bacon burgers and brats for dinner. I hope you all had a nice weekend!
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    Dead or alive you're coming with me.
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    Well, he is. Marcus Thompson just published a political article on Kaepernick. I cancelled my subscription.
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    We're going there tomorrow so I'll make a report. We did the Half Moon Bay brewery today. Really liked the amber and the fish and chips were great.
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    From Ashland Hills Hotel in Oregon, Life is Good, but tomorrow sweet home awaits - with the supposedly completed renovation.
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    Drunk people trying to get thru TSA are the best...
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    Was in Phoenix yesterday. They have some good bars and restaurants outside of security, and a screen that shows average wait time in the line. Challenge accepted. Drunk security checkpoint go.
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    From the 111F Redding, Life's Good! When you're in an a/c zone.
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    The hate for Comcast can bring people together
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    I don't care if he fires Sessions because I am no fan of his but Trump picked this guy so it reflects on him. He should not fire Mueller. That is a no go.
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    Seems about right. I would like to come in here and just set the record straight on Canada, its politics, and its leader. But I've been so disinterested for so long, that's not going to happen. But in my own small world, everyone I know has some level of disdain for Justin Trudeau and the social justice warrior value system that is being put in place legislatively. I remember they played a clip of Trudeau during a break in the Grey Cup and it was resoundingly booed, I believe it was his statement on Fidel Castro's passing but I'm not sure and am too lazy to check. It's on YouTube if you want a cheap, quick, laugh.
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    See this is why Amy Schumer shouldn't be allowed to fly...
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    Meanwhile in Milwaukee, Wisconsin The traffic ticket was paid in protest but it was still paid!
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    Again with the ******* shoes?!?! Good grief... When are you coming out? Ribs in the oven... ************ I properly grilled some almost 2 inch thick USDA prime top sirloins, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. The steaks we're smothered in onions, mushrooms, and garlic sauteed in butter and Merlot. Good **** Maynard! I broke my two glasses of wine rule though. Gonna have a headache in the morning...
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    Logan Couture's 'chiclets in a bag' - $10 Michael Haley's gloves filled with cement - $17.50 Joonas Donskoi's helium filled shoulder pads - $25 Marleau's pink dressing table w/mirror stand - $40
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    "Today I want to take the opportunity and come out as a straight guy that loves titties. I’m tired of living with this secret, and it has been eating me up all my life. I’ve become mature enough to let everybody know this about me and want to proudly announce it to all my friends and family that I love titties, and that I’ve always loved titties. I think you all suspected, especially all you curvy ladies that I gawk at. Please do not hate me, as I was born loving titties. I think it all started as soon as I came out of the womb. I did not choose to be like this, and no matter how quiet I’ve been about it, I feel very strong that the whole world knows. Whew! I feel much better now, and I know Yahoo is the right place for this sort of stuff…thank you for listening. Happy Friday! "
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    i was told there was no math here!
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    I wonder how long that GM at CBS Radio will keep his job The Vegas Golden Knights announced in April that Lotus Broadcasting would be “the official radio broadcast partner and radio home” of the NHL expansion team for the next few seasons. This meant they opted not to go with CBS Radio Las Vegas, home to six highly-rated stations including CBS Sports 1140am. Which did not set well with Tony Perlongo, senior vice president and market manager for CBS Radio in Vegas, who instructed everyone on air not to ever mention the hockey team, going forward. From Perlongo, in an email published by Ron Futrell: Now, you may ask yourself how a Las Vegas sports radio station intended to ignore the inaugural season of the first major professional team to play in the city, and honestly we don’t have a clue. Other than that it’s hockey, which means it’s probably not being discussed on an American sports talk radio station to begin with. Anyway, Futrell reached out to Perlongo to find out if this giant crybaby act-as-professional guidelines thing was in fact accurate, and he confirmed that it was. “We have a lot of other things to cover, the Knights don’t work into our coverage,” said Perlongo. “We support their (the Golden Knights) success in the marketplace, but that will depend on their partnership that they’ve already developed.” This censorship – let’s call it what it is – went more viral than an off-the-strip motel pool, and the backlash was harsh. So Perlongo informed the Washington Post on Wednesday evening that the Golden Knights will in fact be mentioned and discussed on his sacred airwaves: And an apology to boot! Look, this idiotic decision was bound to be short-lived, but we didn’t expect it to have the lifespan of your average White House Communications Director. The swift reversal of policy speaks to three things: That ignoring a local team, especially one with that new car smell, is bad business; that public shaming for said idiocy is a handy way to affect change; and that we wish hockey fans would take a lesson from this and realize that if you aren’t happy with the amount of coverage your sport gets from a given station in a given market, let your voices be heard. It may not force “Jimbo and The Goofball” to stop talking about LaVar Ball or whatever long enough to preview the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it could annoy the program director just enough to carve out a little time for our beloved sport here and there. And that’s a start.
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    Look, what the guy did was horrific and he'll go to jail for it. But anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, who freaks out about this but stayed silent as a mouse while antifa has been beating people with baseball bats for the past 9 months, can go f*ck themselves with a crowbar. Twice.
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    No worse than driving from Columbus back to Cleveland after a hockey game
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    I didn't really see the video from this, but from what I saw, if you are close enough to get hit, you we're not a peaceful protestor. I don't condone what the scumbag did at all, but peaceful protestor rarely put themselves in that position
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    I sure hope that pays well... ...VERY well... I had a couple companies in the Detroit area seeking my services awhile back. The money wasn't enough for me to even get on a plane to discuss the positions any further.
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    A man visits the doctor to have his infertility checked. The doc hands him a jar and tells him to go home and fill it with semen over night and return with the specimen. He returns the next day with an empty jar. The doc asks him what happened... "Well, it's like this... I tried my right hand... I tried my left hand... I had my wife give it a go and even asked my next door neighbor to take a try but nothing. The doc is amazed... he asks "you asked your neighbor?" The man says..."yeah... even she couldn't get the lid off that jar!"
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    I think you should go poop in the cattails (take a selfie while you're at it) and the cops should go ahead and shoot the m-effer and clear the road!!
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    So many ways to kick the behive here.................
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    Hey Danville check this out about Lena Dunham that was just posted
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    NBC is for American audiences. Canadian superstar on a Canadian team doesn't have the same appeal as the 1534th Chicago Blackhawks game.
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    That is funny because it is probably true...I'm glad he had the stones to say it because the PC police are probably all pissed off.
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    Oh, I'm back. It was only 5 days. I'd post pics but the website is still fooked...
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    Approached? From behind? that must be a story. I once 2am 'skinny dipped' in that front fountain at Caesars back in the '80's. Cops were involved, I only had on a red valet parking vest that I 'borrowed'. Cops eventually only told me to go up to my room and sober up. It must have been a busy night on the strip. Remembering the valet team was pissed I didn't receive more 'consequences'.
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    Well hasn't everyone felt like they were leaving Las Vegas stark fkn naked at some point in their lives? I have. Figuratively, that is.
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    From Lake Oswego, OR (just south of Portland): Life's good! Portland's downtown stinks, however. mrs. cjelli said, reminded her of SF in the worst sense. Lake Oswego looks like a primary retirement destination, unless the increasing democratic presence in the town runs it into the ground.
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    Maybe that's your fantasy... it's certainly not mine. While I'm sure your boobs are spectacular in their own right, you're no Teri Hatcher! You're probably closer to a Mulva! Edit: Dude! I found a new shirt for you! You gotta get one!!
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    I'm getting tired of Trump badgering Sessions. I don't care if you like/don't like Trump and/or Sessions. It is never okay for the boss to publicly criticize staff that way. If Trump is pissed off at Sessions performance just fire him. What do you think the rest of the cabinet members are thinking right now? Also, when your the boss and things are going bad, you own that, not the staff. If staff truly caused the issue you fix that quietly. Ultimately, the whole thing is Trumps fault because he picked Sessions, so no one to blame but himself.
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    Agree. If they can pass all the physical/psych tests and they want to fight then I don't care if the military let's them in. No way the taxpayers should pay for any of the sex change stuff though.
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    Today was mild. I left the Palo Alto office at 7:30pm, Waze took me via 280N->92->880N->238/580->680, and the drive was slightly above 1hr. The usual 237 -> 680 at 9pm takes about 55 minutes anyways.
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    Twas refreshing indeed!! 👍👍
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    I was just out at Pruneridge hitting a bucket. I think it has been three years since I swung a club. It was hot out there. Hydration was supplemented... Let me know if you need an extra for your group sometime...
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    yup, carefree evenings with Keystone beer gives way to fancy microbrews and bills on your kitchen table. that happens to all of us dudes in one form or another. Hope you had an HB!
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    Keep them, they're valuable. My buddy put all of Sharks first ('91) season tickets into a custom frame and displays them. Still looks really cool. Also he took all the other colorful ticket stubs, old concert stubs and 'wallpapered' them to a wall in his garage and clear-coated over them permanently. I'm thinking of doing something similar. Except it would suck if you ever moved. Maybe I'll do mine on a big sheet of plywood first, clear coat it and then hang that. Movable.
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    I'm not jumping to conclusions either. But I grew up there and a constant theme is feel good lefty politicians papering over all the issues a massive Somali migration was causing. Starting in the very early 90's. I can easily believe this guy was fast tracked just because he was Somali, to show how 'diverse' and 'inclusive' the Twin Cities is.... barf. Not talking is BS. If you're a public servant with a firearm and kill somebody - sure you can have a lawyer, but no talkie you go straight to jail until you do. She called 911 twice in ten minutes because she heard a women screaming. The 2nd time because no police had shown up yet.. maybe she ran up to the police car with phone in hand, and Habib panicked? Still a possibility - Mogadishu PTSD.
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    Or in the case of my mom's husband 11 years!!