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    Patty!!! I watch in awe of your pure hockeyness. I'm not worthy. You now stand forever with the greats.
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    He's never been there. I actually think he owns the record for it, most games played without appearing in a playoff game. Would be good insurance in case of injury. He's a defenseman. I feel pretty good about the forward group with the emergence of Timo Meier and Kevin Labanc. Losing Tommy Wingels and Matt Nieto hurts the depth but if that's the cost to bring a solid, veteran, two-way defenseman into the mix, I'll gladly take it. I've become increasingly pessimistic about Mirco Mueller or Nikolay Goldobin. I'd move them both if it mean loading up for another cup run. I honestly think this is the San Jose Sharks' year. It's all coming together for them. Martin Jones is a goalie you can win a cup with, I don't think there's any doubt about it. They just need him to be able to shoulder the load come playoff time. Brent Burns is at MVP level right now, he's a step ahead of every other defensemen in the league at this moment. David Schlemko has helped make a solid third pairing. They've gotten nice, unexpected, contributions from young guys like Kevin Labanc and Timo Meier. Seems like most teams that make a run end up getting young, unknown guys, to step up and perform that end up making a difference. They have assets they can move and what they need really shouldn't cost much.
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    I am all for peaceful demonstrations as they are quite patriotic. But I am also for free speech and assembly for all sides. Mid soneones ideas are bankrupt let them be exposed for that in their own words. If they can't stand up to honest debate let them cower away. I may may disagree with PETA but would not intefere with their rights. Also so pretty sure you know where I stand on the orange monkey but the over reaction by the left is even more crazed than he is.
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    You sure about that? It appears to me that you're pro-Left Wing-American. I'm an independent that can point his finger at whoever is screwing up on either side. I am pro-American. As much as I couldn't stand Obama, if he asked me to do something for this country I'd say, "Yes sir! I'm on it!" My disdain for Trump is only slightly less than that of Clinton. My answer would be the same for either if asked the same. Why the soft spot for a President who is not only ignorant... Ignorant? That's quite a broad brush. So I take it that anybody that has a different viewpoint than yours is ignorant? How are you less ignorant than Trump? And don't play the BS "but I'm not President!" card here. I kind of think you're closer to the problem than the solution. There's a spot in the middle of the BS coming from both sides. The solution is in there somewhere. The problem is though, that both sides are digging in and really couldn't care less about what potential solutions are available unless they're generated from their own side. Any suggestions from the opposite side are rebuffed and summarily given the finger. Trump won, period. End of story. I'm not thrilled but I'm not going to do whatever I can to help him fail at all costs. If he fails we all, as citizens of this country, lose. We're all on the same team here, or at least we're supposed to be anyway. The Left appears unwilling to be a good teammate and would rather lose and bitch about it than stepping up and pitching in to try to make this a successful "team" effort. What's next Left, a coup?? What a bunch of whiney bitches... You ought to freaking ashamed of yourselves... Support the country or get the fuck out!
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    Think the bye came at the right time for the sharks. Let the playoff push begin tonight.
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    The only thing the media is truly interested in is rating$. The media believes that, just as Mrs RB 1.0 did/does, there are versions of the truth. It's either the truth or it's not the truth. There isn't any middle ground there. It is black and white, no gray...
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    The Sharks come out of the bye week still in first place. That's encouraging.
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    Complete and utter bullshlt. Trump is doing exactly the same things Obama did, only you didn't care because it was Obama. Travel bans? Obama did it to both the Iraqis and the Cubans, but you ignored it until a republican was in office. Banning media from press conferences? Obama did it to Fox News, but you ignored it until a republican was in office Advocating for a wall? Hillary did exactly the same thing dozens of times, but you ignored it until a republican was in office Executive orders setting policy on immigration? Obama made major waves being the first to do it, but you ignored it until a republican was in office. So you can act all high and moral but the truth is you are a piece of shlt partisan hack with no more brain power than my wife's chihuahua.
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    But at the same time, sad that we live in a one party dictatorship state. A state that has forsaken its tax paying citizens trying to dispense unchecked social welfare to the world. Eagarly willing to go to legal war with our federal government armed with billions. Sanctuary for who again?
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    Iif they guy is openly critical of Putin and he is still in Russia how is he alive? I dont give a **** if you are bored. It is not my job to entertain you.
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    I demand a segregated space from idiots.
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    Too strong... But it will continue here as California is where retards come to live and multiply...
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    Jumbo Joe Thornton taking a moment with young fans after the morning skate here in Arizona.
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    I say, seek charges against all three, and put them into the same cell.
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    The Sharks stumbled onto a great line when they put Marleau-Couture-Bodker together.
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    No pregame honoring Marleau because Roenick can't accept the fact he will never be that great. **** NBC
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    Prior to tonight’s game, your San Jose Sharks will be honoring Patrick Marleau and his 500th goal with a very special pregame ceremony. Be in your seats no later than 7:25PM to join us for this historic celebration that is set to inclue a look back at several of the most memorable goals that brought #12 to #500 and a very special team presentation.
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    So not 2 weeks after the Dems in Sacramento were telling the Feds F U! Over the immigration executive order and threatening to withhold tax payments Governor Moon Beam is asking the Feds for emergency funds to deal with the flood damage in the State. What happened to the "California doesn't need Federal funds" talk?
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    Years and years of drought which would be prime opportunity to retrofit dams and similar infrastructure but neeeooooo, does California step up and do anything? Hell no... Anderson Reservoir is WAY over recommended capacity because the dam has not being seismically retrofitted. This state is run by ******* idiots! Keep voting for 'em sheep!!
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    In order to fully have freedom of speech you have to allow speech that you find disgusting. I may not respect the person's opinion but I respect his freedom to say it.
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    Fedex just dropped my new Marleau jersey at the door minutes before puck drop. It's a sign I tell ya
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    I have no idea WTF you're talking about... I'm not sure you even know WTF you're talking about...
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    Very subjective topic but everyone has their opinion, really just a matter of what people hold dear but I don't think there's an argument to be made against Patrick Marleau having his number retired. But there were different players who helped the team go from expansion to respectability and then from respectability to playoffs year in and year out. They're definitely a better team than they were 20 years ago but the next step is the biggest of them all. Hopefully we'll see it happen before Marleau's career is over.
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    Who knows but the attack from all sides including left leaning business is kinda sick. This is as close to civil war as we have seen in a long time.
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    So where is the outrage that the City of San Jose sat on their hands knowing full well that area was going to be flooded? The idiot who decided that letting all that water from Anderson go needs to be fired.
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    And incarceration. I think the latest number is 12-14% of California inmates in prison are illegals. The GAO had it at 25% or so at the federal level a few years ago. Wonder what that costs? I'll pay a dollar more a pound for my fruit to clean this up.
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    Ah yes, the 'They produce the food we eat' myth. The vast overwhelming majority of food we eat comes from mega farms that use machinery and automation. And if they weren't there, we'd still get our strawberries, they would just cost a little more. But still far less than what we are paying for education and health care for these illegals...
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    Maybe because Saudi Arabia has very detailed records on their residents that Homeland Security can review before letting someone in the country and know precisely who they are as opposed to Syria or Iraq where there is little to no records?
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    Why in the hell would the organization choose to do this on a game being televised by the NBC Sports Network? Naturally the Blues v. Red Wings game is going to go long and they will join the Sharks broadcast in progress and the celebration will not be televised. Had they done this on a CSN Bay Area game the ceremony could have been televised. Kind of a giant **** YOU to the fans who are watching at home.
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    Bets on this guy commiting another crime? It would be specious logic to suggest that our justice system blows. We have no justice system... Not a real one anyway...
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    I should have a pizza in his honor. Stick tap for the man. \_ \_ \_ \_ \_
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    Pats were winning that OT no matter what.
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    Stop being so predictable man. Saw that response coming a mile away.
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    I know there were some in here (cough, lord sandals, cough) that would posit he drug the team down for a while. I think if you can get him to sign a fairly friendly deal you keep him on. I think at this age he'll be ok with it to ride out on the teal horse he came in on. He'll be worthwhile on any line you throw him on.
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    1. Milo is not a white nationalist. 2. George Soros had been proven to be paying people to protest and riot. 3. FU CBF
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    No issue standing up to the EU. Australia is another thing altogether.
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    Inconvenienced? See ... fucktards like that Lucas imbeciles, and this sort of retarded view, is one of the many things that are wrong with the extreme"conservative" position nowadays. The "inconvenience" in flying after 9/11 was not created by the attacks themsleves but by the eagerness the government ( BTW, a republican was in power at the time) showed in taking away more of your liberties, militarize more of your life and create yet another tool of oppression . BTW .. all the "inconveniencing" tools related to flying put in place by the stupid TSA and Gov .. simply don't work, as it was demonstrated time and time again. So tell that effin Lucas retard to go drown in his stupidity.
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    I quit trying to find the truth from the media years ago. Reading the executive orders really gets to the truth of what they're doing
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