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    I'd say that's a lot of Poutine!
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    So, CBF was basically completely wrong about tonight.
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    We settled for Lexington. Traffic on 17 sucks balls. That and there's high beach break plus riptide warnings in Monterey Bay.
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    Sharks will win tonight. I'm confident of it. Last night at 0100 Marleau poodle has major issues breathing and was coughing non stop. W were sure it was the end. Paige took Marleau poodle into work today and it isn't her heart but trachea and lungs which have been addressed. From certain impending doom to a victory, albeit without sleep is a good omen for the boys tonight. Patty with the gwg for his canine namesake.
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    John96's buddy just now; "I thought I was coming home to watch a hockey game but this, this is a beat down."
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    San Jose Sharks forward Joe Pavelski scores just 15 seconds in as the Edmonton Oilers are blinded by the arena lights after seeing them first time today.
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    Timo Meier hasn't gotten enough recognition for his play so far. Very good returns from a rookie who wasn't even a full timer in the regular season. I know some were down on the pick but he seems like he'll be a solid NHLer. He plays the right game for the Pacific.
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    With the way things have been going I'm just happy about the win tonight. I'm out back celebrating with a Barrel Brothers Dark Sarcasm Porter and smoking a La Gloria Cubana. I have tickets to two more games. Here's hoping they mean something and the Sharks play well.
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    Hopefully McDavid boards Haley.....
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    Jesus this is huge. Why isn't the media covering this bombshell? The Obama Administration was indeed using surveillance to track the Trump transition team before Obama left office., Classified intelligence leaking and Unmasking of American citizen names (Gen Michael Flynn) all done by Obama and the democrats. And she's talking about it ALL to MSNBC!! Surveilled information marched right to Capital Hill, unmasking many Americans in the Trump administration.. Now lets find out who received it. This woman needs to testify under oath. Yet the media has had us checking our closets for Russian hackers. There is more evidence in this interview than any Democrat or partisian intelligence agency has found on 'Russian hacking' over the past 7 months. Our media doesn't look for justice or truth any longer, just a 24/7 non-stop search for right wing boogeymen. . . 1970 - Question Authority 2017 - Question Information
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    I hate to say it but I agree Pavs should likely be part of any discussion on these 3. I personally think Patty is the wisest to keep at this point, even if he's a contract away from 2 more seasons at -19.. Joe limped to his 1000 assist and that line in general has struggled to produce for a while.
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    Miserable ending to what was at one point, a very promising year. It's a huge letdown but one that we all could see coming for a while now. I don't know what happened in February but this team just dropped down a level and never got back. For the most part they looked more like the older team than the more experienced team. Tip of the hat to the Edmonton Oilers. They definitely deserve to move on. Playing that well when your franchise player gets shut down for the most part is impressive. Cam Talbot stole the show though, MVP of these six games without a doubt.
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    Agreed. We went to Game 4 of the WCF in 2011 in SJ, and everyone in the Tank was really great. We bought beers for the guys next to us, and they were really friendly notwithstanding the rivalry. We never felt threatened at all. It was a rivalry, but a friendly one. That is the way to treat rival fans in your building. I've posted that a few times before, but we had a great time back then. That is still part of the reason I have an affinity for the Sharks -- the fans were great then. But even if you cannot be a good fan, at least be a decent human and don't abuse other side fans... Regards N.
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    Anybody else going.... 'there's one minute gone. That's two. Now three...'?
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    They should put Marleau, Tierney and Donskoi on a line. Then they'd have the Gutless, Worthless, Brainless line.
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    **** off troll. So spearing a guys nuts is ok with you? Deliberate head shots? **** you *******! go back to that shithole town you came from.
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    You are the gold standard of visiting fans you good Nuck fan!
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    Come on boys do it for Marleau dog!
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    The dirty oil are dirty as hell and the refs allow them to be dirty.. And the Sharks are reeling. They need a few of the boys to become men fast, because the men are playing like grandmas. Oh and **** you CBF.
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    Whoever told Burns not to let it go every time he touches it should be fired
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    My scotch has a problem with posters parading hit counts
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    A two anthem game is always a plus.
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    Jumbo's on his way to the rink!
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    Say what you will about the Sutter & Lombo combo in LA... but at least Lombo never drafted any first round puzzys like Goldobin in their tenure down there...
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    Todd doesn't make adjustments, Oil is a one line team, and their defense is nothing to envy. No excuses not to win it. Unless Cooch is out. Or Jumbo is out. Or Burns stays cold. Or no depth scoring. Or PP still sucks. We're fucked.
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    Add to the list "I was canoeing down the river when banjos started playing. I was surrounded by cmhs"
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    Earlier during his tenure with San Jose, I long believed no NHL player was a more prime candidate for the Ewing Theory than Joe Thornton. That has changed more in recent years (although not completely); unfortunately, this Sharks team is not talented enough to really test the theory.
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    Got the GWG wrong but hells yes called the win!!
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    Marleau the feline sends get well wishes to Marleau the poodle. And seconds the "Patty with gwg" idea...
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    I've seen this ******* idiot post some ridiculously stupid **** over the years in this joint but I think he's stepping up his game here. Good ******* grief...
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    Logan has been an interesting shark, plenty of talent, blocks shots, good on PK and PP. Up until last season I was also of the opinion that he was one of quite a few sharks that just did not show up enough when it mattered most. Last postseason he put that 100% to rest as far as I am concernd. Most posters here have had their issues with most every shark at one time or another.
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