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    F#(& Corey Perry is all I have to say about that game.
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    Not sure if this is a good omen or not...🤔🤔
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    I'm arguing with lemmings on Reddit who feel this is like a miracle on ice. Come the **** on this was the most favorable draft in the history of expansion teams. What a joke.
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    Beer is chilling in the fridge, I'm having Peking Duck delivered for dinner .. hopefully the stupid cable stays on. GO SHARKS!
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    Class act to the end. Well done boys.
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    But OC is right in principle. Eventually we all have to stand up against this organized agri-business slave labor in California. Jerry brown was quoted as saying Trumps Wall will 'hurt us economically' .. really? Because it will interrupt the flow of your economic oppression participants, Jerry? Your way of life? Think about it. 160 years ago, Abe Lincoln was Trump and Jerry brown was Jefferson Davis... trying to keep the status quo on his regional systematic slavery and no offered path to US citizenship. Who's been doing the oppressing here exactly? Not Trump.
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    Going to SFO tomorrow before dawn - my folks are coming for four weeks, and it'll be also cjellika's 12th birthday. Planning to travel to Santa Rosa and vicinity for the next weekend, with the mrs, the kids and the parents.
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    Greetings from the area of Marbles new home. It’s time for a drink.
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    This is perfect. I am flying down to Duckland this morning.
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    I tried to bang his niece. If that counts.
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    If that is a slash than someone needs to tell Francois Beauchemin and Ryan Kesler they'll be suspended 50 games for crosschecking.
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    Yeah, I didn't expect their A Team, but could we get something better than their Q Team?
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    Go Sharks! I won't be able to post as I put on my Martha Stewart wig and spend the rest of the night in the kitchen making our dog treat samples for customers in Cali and Ohio. So there's your mental image for the night Red, sleep well, don't have any nightmares....
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    So, like Redwood City??? Just here to say good luck tonight Sharkie fans! Keep my bracket picks going! Regards N.
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    since you double posted it, does that mean they really call you Doobie-Doobie Doo? Sinatra joke.. the kids won't even get it..
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    -Mike Sielski of Philly.com on pictures of Sidney Crosby left in the urinals.
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    I just want that series to be as long and painful as possible. I don't really care who wins it
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    We are settling down after a nice Ginger-Garlic Pan Roasted Swordfish and a cheap pinot gris. ECC is doing the dishes, drop the puck already!!
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    Decided to leave work a little early today after a shitty work week. Beer me
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    because a real man won't hit a woman
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    I'd run his ass in practice if he was on my team. **** that guy!!
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    They should suspend Dustin Brown 10 games for missing that wide open net last night. Marbles could have put that one in with his oatmeal spoon..
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    Found the Vegas broadcast on AT&T Sportsnet. A station I didnt even know I had.
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    Andrew McCabe was only the tip of the FBI corruption iceberg, likely this material raided at Cohen's offices will all soon be leaked to the Washington Post. I hope Americans can realize this 'investigation' is NOT a pure white do-good save-America investigation. This is pure politics and the Dems will obviously not stop till Trumps head is on a platter. Election results be damned. Almost two years of BS investigation where any area is fair game, no specific crime is being investigated. I hate all D.C. Career politicians. All Crooked as Al Capone. And the media insists Trump is the only real bad guy in DC. Ha! Politics before country.
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    Miracle! He is so obstinate, part of his mental illness, that even his social worker and therapist said good luck with that but after they left the room I got him to sign the paperwork and looked him in the eye and we shook on it! Thanks all, now I'm faxing authorizations to doctors and therapists so he can be admitted up our way. Fly back down here next weekend with mom in law to retrieve him. Definitely getting Danvilled tonight and watching playoffs. Go Sharks, what an awesome family you all are!
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    Crime free world or campus does not exist but the dirty secretes of human time bombs that get recruited and granted second and third chances should be known to all parents and students. It would make your skin crawl.
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    oldest update...trip (sans uncle walt and i) to UofH went extremely well. she's been back for two weeks and as of last weekend had not committed but that all changed last friday. she will be attending and competing for UofH starting in august of this year. her brother is already talking to the coach about his trip next year! the coach is familiar with him as he got pasted by the boy in a national championship here in the bay last season. i keep trying to convince him on CMA or CGA but he wants a powerhouse in the sport in addition to the education.
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    Whats the oldest pic you have of yourself hammered? I think this is my oldest drunk pic, March 1985
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    I'm sick of Pavelski's post loss comments. **** that ****!! If the team leader isn't concerned why the **** should anyone else be concerned? #badexample #lousyleader #afraidtohurtfeelings #fuckthat If you'd like to step up and finance my bar tab from last night then be my guest, blame me!
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    On a team as polite as this one, yeah hes a real maniac out there
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    Blues taking one on the chin tonight.
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    But if no team in our division is going to catch us we clinch and St. Louis can eat a **** with 103.
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    The pre-sale ended last night at midnight. General public sale started at 10:00 a.m. I am going to game 2. Section 120 row 14 on the isle.
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    Grabbed stubs to game 2 of the playoffs. I figured it would be either a Friday or Saturday game.
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    We can do that next season. And we can re-do the divisions too.