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  2. Huh, I actually misclicked on this. I was trying to click on IMDB, which is the shortcut next to it. Imagine my surprise when it worked.
  3. of course insert Dell's name in this scene.
  4. is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me, Is there anyone home?
  5. The Playoffs start and no one is here. Perfect
  6. I'm on the board - man they screwed the pooch taking this down for so long! Thanks guys for setting up a new one!
  7. Stop by the new forum. sjsharks.boards.net
  8. The playoff prediction tournament will take place at the new board.
  9. Maybe you should stick the posting with the address of the new board to the top.
  10. The board has moved. The new location doesn't have censoring issues. http://sjsharks.boards.net Come over!
  11. We must of offended the dynamic goalie duo of Jones/ Dell...
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