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  2. I know very much that no one will read this topic but oh well go sharks! 3 in a row? Doubtful our goal tending is trash and or defense porous at best. Yo Coach D, why don't you try and put Burns at forward and bring up our prospect goalie? Can't hurt to try something new, at least when Burns coughs it up it should be in the O zone, AND we would only have one turnover machine on the blueline!
  3. Hi there, I am travelling from Australia later this year and have purchased tickets for my family to take in a Sharks game. We are staying in the Fisherman Wharf precinct and are looking at the best transport options in terms of safety, cost and convenience. Is there a supporters bus or the like that leaves from SFO? Any suggestions are warmly welcome. Kind Regards Jim
  4. So basically, this years first round draft pick goes to Ottawa....dear god this could be bad. Old Eric is only a -6 after 3 games, could be worse right?
  5. The San Jose Sharks' first-round pick will go to the Ottawa Senators as the result of a trade on September 13, 2018 that sent Erik Karlsson and Francis Perron to San Jose in exchange for Chris Tierney, Dylan DeMelo, Josh Norris, Rudolfs Balcers, a conditional second-round pick in 2019, a conditional first-round pick in 2021, a conditional first-round pick no later than 2022 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[3] The condition – Ottawa will receive a first-round pick in 2020 if the Sharks qualify for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs[3] – was converted on March 19, 2019.[4]
  6. Agree with your list, Jelly. The Marleau re-signing is truly a nostalgia move, but he could prove to be a valuable veteran presence, too. I wouldn't mind seeing him contributing a few goals! However, given his near-HHoF status, I love seeing Patty back here in teal to finish out his career. He's contributed so much over the years...her's earned it. Re: the 1st rounder draft pick... anyone know what the status is of that?
  7. couple of things wrong on this message board: 1. they allow a post that sends people to another message board... 2. A cemetery has more action... 3. A cemetery has more life than the current sharks team 4. Jones sucks 5. Burns should be moved to forward, we can't afford to have 2 defensive liabilities on D 6. Bringing back Marleau is not the answer..it's just a gesture of nostalgia 7. Sharks are THE WORST team in the league!!! QQ 8. and last but not least I hope we didn't trade away this years first draft pick......looks like it's going to be a good one!
  8. Love your profile pic!!!........Espo was f'g great!!!  Loved watching him and the rest of the Hawks back in the 60's and 70's....Lloyd Pettit was the best announcer that has ever broadcast hockey!!!  

  9. Hi Sharks fans, I wish you a successful season. I'm a swiss hockey fans and I'd like to share with you the "best of" of one of your former player, Shawn Heins. He played several seasons in Switzerland and become captain of the team, Fribourg-Gottéron. He's number, #44, is now retired of the club. He still hold the franchise record of penalty minutes and the record of the most game played as import player. 6 years after his retirement, he's always a cult player for our team, because of his commitment and loyalty. Find attached a video of his best moments of his swiss career : https://youtu.be/JcnrKFO7e90
  10. I bet it was jelli or Danville who screwed it alI up for everyone...wait i know,....it was ithurtsmybrain...
  11. 2019/2020 Season Ticket holder looking for someone interested in buying a 10 pack or more. Seats are in Section 114, row 4, club. End where Sharks attack twice. Parking included. Send me a private message. administrator please delete if not allowed.
  12. Huh, I actually misclicked on this. I was trying to click on IMDB, which is the shortcut next to it. Imagine my surprise when it worked.
  13. of course insert Dell's name in this scene.
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