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  2. I would be willing to be that a republican town hall in that particular area would NOT boo Jesus unless some other people crashed the party. The media can play a very important role but not the role of cheerleader for one side and finger pointer at the other. They loved the past President and they have hated the past few R ones. This one more than any other that I have seen. He has earned some of it but certainly not all of it.
  3. Aaron Ward is reporting that they've already agreed to terms on an extension 5M over 2 years.
  4. Ottawa Senators are my favourite Canadian team, don't like this trade. Chiefly because Alex Burrows is a deplorable player.
  5. Tomas Vanek's last couple of postseasons do not inspire confidence in him being a missing piece to the puzzle.
  6. Now you reminded me of my MiL that once said, after some new Arab mess in Israel, that Israel needs a Putin. The Sovieticity is hard to drive out.
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  8. Well let's be honest. the guy doesn't offer any actual proof, just his opinion. Which is the current trend on both sides, opinions are being presented and trumped up as facts. I am sick and ******* tired of every god damn asshooooole with an agenda spewing opinions in the "media" to lick his party ass. OR his own ass in the case of El Presidente. Sometimes I wonder if this country wouldn't be better served by a military dictatorship because the ruling powers have completely broken away from reality, facts and common ******* sense. There are very few people playing the game of politics right now, that doesn't deserved to be put in fron to a military tribunal and tried for various degrees of treason. Because selling your country to the highest ******* bidder is still treason to the population, even if the bidder is American.
  9. Point a game player at 19 years old in the Swedish league from what I read. Not a bad return for a UFA to be.
  10. Mark Spector‏Verified account @SportsnetSpec Follow More Hearing VAN is very willing to move Miller, let Markstrom take them down the stretch. Eager, is a good word.
  11. People say that Dahlen is great up to being the next Filip Forsberg, and that Ottawa got fleeced
  12. Start drawing up the lawsuit, you know, just in case.
  13. oh you know, they'll just re-hash. and when something not that big happens. fanboy pierre will be galloping away to break the news first!
  14. The funniest thing may happen if Doug Wilson now trades for Peter Budaj out of TBL.
  15. Can you do something about that guy?
  16. I already have enough beer to survive the zombie apocalypse. What do you think I am, a rookie?
  17. That could be the reason and it could be coincidence. I didn't say lose Martin, did I? I said he's showing his age. He looks slow. That's pretty much it on Martin. The D overall is in need of a lot of improvement. If they want to contend for the Cup, defensive zone play MUST improve significantly. Right now, it's entirely up to the goaltending to keep pucks out of the net. I did see some improvement in shot blocking on the PK Saturday night, but other than that, not much. They had virtually no success clearing the zone on the PK and their ability to break out 5-on-5 is still wanting. A precursor to their d-zone problems is they don't defend the blueline and allow entry into the zone rather easily. There are numerous instances of the D backing in against odd-man rushes in which the numbers FAVOR the Sharks. That is a huge error IMO that leads needlessly to zone time for the opposition.
  18. Bruce Garrioch‏Verified account @SunGarrioch Follow More No trade call done yet but the #Sens are expected to send prospect Johnathan Dahlen to Vancouver for Alex Burrows.
  19. Damn, Canada is breaking up families now with forced immigration
  20. Helene Elliott‏Verified account @helenenothelen Follow More So many NHL trades today and Sunday...what will be left for all those deadline-day TV shows to talk about on Wednesday??
  21. Tom Gulitti‏Verified account @TomGulittiNHL 1m1 minute ago More Per Canadiens: The Canadiens acquire defenseman Jordie Benn from the Dallas Stars, in return for Greg Pateryn and a 4th-round pick in 2017.
  22. Don't bring facts into the conversation, you'll ruin the reputation of the forum
  23. True but Burns didn't become the beast that he is until the Sharks started playing him with Martin.
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