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  2. Prediction Game 2018

    I predict more sniveling about the ******* contest...
  3. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    If the petition of redress of grievences is the rational for this decision then I asume it will be over turned eventually. The government has all kinds of ways to complain...forms, on line, in person to a supervisor, lawsuits, etc. My guess is there is a way to complain to the White House so people can exercise their rights...but that doesn't mean you have the right to tell the government what procedure, system, etc they have to use to take your grievence. As long as your due process rights are followed they can set the ways redress is accomplished...and I would hope some judge can't make the POTUS twitter feed be part of that process. Its almost as stupid as all the crap the POTUS does on twitter.
  4. Prediction Game 2018

    I am leading? I call shenanigans!!
  5. Prediction Game 2018

    Only 9 people submitted their predictions for the final round. They are the top 7 in the standings below, Jered and Fugazi. Standings: D5Shark 62 John96 59 danvilleshark 58 cjelli 56 Getzlaffedat 51 thanksmlb 50 cmhshark 49 badger1 47 Fugazi 45 LordNelson 44 HOOCH2173 44 Nuckluck 42 MarbleMadness 38 Jered 37 Sharkhaywood 32 3rdlinehack-SS6 30 winecountrysharksfan 26 seattle__sam DQ If the jinger continues to spew shіt about his disqualification, I may decide to stop the game altogether. The DQ is well explained and documented above. NOTE: You cannot change the CS pick.
  6. Prediction Game 2018

    I predicted TBL in 5 WPG in 7. That's 100% precision up to the reverse. WSH in 7
  7. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    You might want to update your username
  8. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    Well, don't believe it. ... host's ... can't Pretty close though!!
  9. Friday Humor

  10. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    Playing "Bittersweet Symphony" during the handshake, awesome Tampa!
  11. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    cant wait to see wilson Clobber a knight...
  12. Friday Humor

    This post from TerriWPG cracked me up
  13. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    When was the last time a team won the first two games and last two games of a series while losing the 3 middle one's?
  14. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    The Sharks of the East are in the Finals
  15. Prediction Game 2018

    Well, that round didn't go well for me.... Caps in 7.
  16. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    phone acting up my bad
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