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  2. Any 209 peeps on here trying to get together for a game?
  3. Thank you, Shark players! My son and his buddy play for the Jr. Sharks. After their game they went to watch their idols practice. Once the practice ended the Sharks players were awesome - they signed jerseys and took pictures with the boys. The boys both said it was one of the best days of their lives. Thank You!
  4. Glad to see that Pete landed on his feet! Wonder if James Holzhauer is good with this?
  5. Please, please DUMP wilson before he signs any more SOFT players to huge contracts. Only someone completely incompetent could have all this talent for all these years and not win a cup. And BB for coach..........really.....expletive!!! He is too enamored of players with speed but lacking grit (EK, Marleau, Burns, etc) so they fade in the playoffs against REAL teams with grit. And no offense but the players that have grit are 5’ 2” 150lbs...........oh....scary! Please, please fire Wilson.
  6. Every team in the NHL is now going for speed, youth, and skill. The Sharks have to do this as well to stay competitive. .As to DeBoer, he was a good coach, and so was Todd Mclellan, but as mentioned above, the message eventually fell on deaf ears.
  7. Yes, things haven't gone very well this season, but I don't think blaming Wilson makes much sense. Yes the Karlsson contract is expensive, but it will likely be less so as salaries grow. Over the last few weeks the Vlasic/Karlsson pairing has improved greatly. I think it will probably stabilize over the remainder of the season. The point about EK's mental game is spot on, but that should improve with more time. Liked DeBoer very much, but the message had started to fail, and change had to happen--pretty much how Jumbo put it. Hated to see Pavs go, but last time I looked he had only 14 points this year. We still miss his leadership though. Marleau has played well, and Thornton is playing better. Don't know what's going on with Burns--perhaps a few games at forward would freshen his perspective. Hopefully Simek will return soon and play well. This is frustrating for me also, but I really don't see many alternatives unless theSharks go for a total rebuild, and I certainly don't want to revisit 1991. The big problem the harks have is the hard cap and too many talented players. No solution for that one anytime soon. The alternative is improved play from the expensive players, and the new coach might be able to do that. We should know fairly soon.
  8. I’ve been a life long Sharks fan, and i would have to agree, the current team isn’t going to win many games, and truthfully baring a Christmas miracle not going to make the playoffs. I have agreed with General Manager Doug Wilsons thoughts on building a winner, by moving talent to get talent, but their reaches a point when your talent pool has been deceimated by paying for today without thinking about the furture. Sharks fans that day is now! The current team has stars and veterans, but our time to win the Stanley Cup has come and gone! It’s time to rethink this team, franchise and the future goals of San Jose Sharks organization. I apprecaite Thornton, and Marleau but their time has come and gone, let these two future Hall of Famers play out this season and honor them for their years of fanatiastic play, but don’t bring them back. Be smart, be compassionate let them move on. They are both respectful players and understand the business. It’s hard choice, but it has too be done for the organizations future. Honestly at the beginning of this season, I knew this team would lack the heart to play like they did last year, the top reason, they let Joe Pavs pack his bags for Dallas. As a fan I felt Doug Wilson didn’t even make an effort to offer him an honest deal. I believe Joe Pavs heart was/is in San Jose, but hes going to take the best deal for himself and his family. I understand Cap restriction have and will hamper the Sharks for a few seasons to come. This unfortunate part of the business needs to run its course, let committed contracts clear the books, and start fresh again. Moving forward Sharks ownership needs to pull in the reins on Doug Wilson a bit and limit his authority to executing long term cap restricting deals, just because you can lock a player into an 8 year deal, doesn't mean you should. The Sharks use to be smarter about contracts, and not paying more then what was needed to land a talented player. Is Eric Karlson a star, yes when he was in Ottawa. However, his groin injury late last season has surely limited his abilities this year, is it fully healed physical yes, mentally no. As contracts go, I would have structured different deal for his services. Talented defensemen are hard to find in todays NHL and do come at a premium in the NHL, but Doug Wilson knew at conclusion of the season he had many holes in the rooster to fill, and limited reasons available to do them with. Doug Wilson has built some incredible teams, brought the needed talent to San Jose. Made great choices for the organization in the past. However, there are way to many glaring holes on this current team, that cannot be fixed by buying and selling short term talent this year. I appreciate Doug Wilsons attitude and belief this team should win, and be better. But lets face it Doug its time to re-evaluate this team, focus on what you have now, and where you need to be in three seasons; Clean house, re-load and rebuild. As a long term fan, I watched you build a great franchisee over the course of 25 years. I have faith in you and the organization that you can build another great team.
  9. There certainly is a big mess with this team. Karlsson dear god what an overpay, Ottawa is going to get a great pick this year. Goaltending what a travesty. Time to cut the fat, not trim it CUT it!! Move Burns to forward, or trade him. All this was caused by DW trying to extend the life of this team. By doing that he has destroyed the future, time for change sharks. Having all this cash tied up in 2 terrible defenseman is just ignorance. Pavelski could still be here and we would have future draft picks and cap space if it wasn't for Karlsson, Fire Wilson
  10. That’s not a good message on the company site. 😉
  11. Doug Wilson should have be fired too
  12. I know very much that no one will read this topic but oh well go sharks! 3 in a row? Doubtful our goal tending is trash and or defense porous at best. Yo Coach D, why don't you try and put Burns at forward and bring up our prospect goalie? Can't hurt to try something new, at least when Burns coughs it up it should be in the O zone, AND we would only have one turnover machine on the blueline!
  13. So basically, this years first round draft pick goes to Ottawa....dear god this could be bad. Old Eric is only a -6 after 3 games, could be worse right?
  14. The San Jose Sharks' first-round pick will go to the Ottawa Senators as the result of a trade on September 13, 2018 that sent Erik Karlsson and Francis Perron to San Jose in exchange for Chris Tierney, Dylan DeMelo, Josh Norris, Rudolfs Balcers, a conditional second-round pick in 2019, a conditional first-round pick in 2021, a conditional first-round pick no later than 2022 and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade).[3] The condition – Ottawa will receive a first-round pick in 2020 if the Sharks qualify for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs[3] – was converted on March 19, 2019.[4]
  15. Agree with your list, Jelly. The Marleau re-signing is truly a nostalgia move, but he could prove to be a valuable veteran presence, too. I wouldn't mind seeing him contributing a few goals! However, given his near-HHoF status, I love seeing Patty back here in teal to finish out his career. He's contributed so much over the years...her's earned it. Re: the 1st rounder draft pick... anyone know what the status is of that?
  16. couple of things wrong on this message board: 1. they allow a post that sends people to another message board... 2. A cemetery has more action... 3. A cemetery has more life than the current sharks team 4. Jones sucks 5. Burns should be moved to forward, we can't afford to have 2 defensive liabilities on D 6. Bringing back Marleau is not the answer..it's just a gesture of nostalgia 7. Sharks are THE WORST team in the league!!! QQ 8. and last but not least I hope we didn't trade away this years first draft pick......looks like it's going to be a good one!
  17. Love your profile pic!!!........Espo was f'g great!!!  Loved watching him and the rest of the Hawks back in the 60's and 70's....Lloyd Pettit was the best announcer that has ever broadcast hockey!!!  

  18. Hi Sharks fans, I wish you a successful season. I'm a swiss hockey fans and I'd like to share with you the "best of" of one of your former player, Shawn Heins. He played several seasons in Switzerland and become captain of the team, Fribourg-Gottéron. He's number, #44, is now retired of the club. He still hold the franchise record of penalty minutes and the record of the most game played as import player. 6 years after his retirement, he's always a cult player for our team, because of his commitment and loyalty. Find attached a video of his best moments of his swiss career : https://youtu.be/JcnrKFO7e90
  19. I bet it was jelli or Danville who screwed it alI up for everyone...wait i know,....it was ithurtsmybrain...
  20. 2019/2020 Season Ticket holder looking for someone interested in buying a 10 pack or more. Seats are in Section 114, row 4, club. End where Sharks attack twice. Parking included. Send me a private message. administrator please delete if not allowed.
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