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  2. The thought of scaling it back it a bit didn't come into play? That's too bad. Most kids love fireworks...
  3. Yes. That is why I say time to turn the page now. Either way no honest chance to take home the prize. The sooner the roster is turned over the sooner they can make a real run.
  4. You ready for 3 years of lottery picks? Because I think that's what we're looking at regardless of how the T&M situation shakes out...
  5. Fiscal year closes this week. Should be quiet for awhile. Such a shame San Ramon bowed out of 4th of July fireworks a couple of years ago but it just got to be too big.
  6. I don't see holding as is and having much of a chance at a deep run. They are not one or even two players away.
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  8. I would disagree but not because I think the team wouldn't benefit from a change.
  9. You always knew where you stood in CYO Baseball, anyone could play
  10. And when I was in CYO it was a no cut league. Which is good because Little League had cuts in those days and I was pretty cuttable.
  11. Then find a better situation, I'm sure there's a lot of Baseball options out in that area. They do love their Baseball out there
  12. I think there's enough baseball activity around Tri-Valley to develop without that aspect. I want my kids to grow up as atheists like I am.
  13. It's up to you but if you think the kid can be a better player by playing on this team then that's the bottom line. Religion aspect aside he should learn from the experience
  15. Now we know who the real captain is.
  16. I coached CYO baseball and we never said a prayer. Unless you're in the deep South I find it hard to believe a Coach would subject the kids to this.
  17. Th travelling teams out of Danville have done VERY well for many years.A few MLB players and even SF Giants came from here.
  18. No, the LL usually don't allow it within the LL (except that "I trust in God" piece). Ironically, it was TVLL that referred me to that place.
  19. Ok. I don't think TVLL would allow this. They leadership is relegios individuals but unless you ask them you would never know.
  20. Oh, the local little leagues are fine. This is a private traveling team school, I don't have a problem with them at all. I was referred to them when looking for a fall ball league for my son.
  21. WTF!!!! My kids played baseball in Danville and never heard of such a thing.
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  23. Ummmm...well...yeah...
  24. The so called community:
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