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  2. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    No Sam. For me rivals make it fun. Of course I hate on the Ducks and Kings and yes the Nucks. But without them what funwoujd it be?
  3. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    Ok. This is well said.
  4. 2018-19 Hockey News

    Did Edmonton just throw in the towel? #FreeMcDavid
  5. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    I’m a states rights guy also. I’m fine with the legalization of marijuana but each state should be able to decide that for themselves. The Idaho laws are public info, so this company should have known better then to send this driver through a state where its illegal.
  6. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    The grown ups are talking here Sammy. Go play with your dollies.
  7. Friday Humor

    I have as well. Made the long drive home from work just a little more bearable.
  8. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    And nobody revels in the heartbreak of the fans of the Kings, Ducks, Nucks et al than you. Which is why It Hurts' holier than thou diatribe and your response are pure BS from start to finish.
  9. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    Well there are teams I don’t like. Ducks come to mind first. I actually used to like Kings before I moved to SJ. Of course mostly I liked watching Gretzky play. But mostly I like watching my team play well. I’ve seen an enormous amount of high quality hockey watching the Sharks over the last 20-some years. I would like to see them win the big trophy because it would make the players I care about ecstatic for a few months and I wish them well. But I don’t see that outcome as something I deserve nor does the fact they have never quite summited diminish the fun I’ve had watching hockey. And I do not cry myself to sleep at night because Colorado fans got to watch a cup parade. Never mind Denver fans had the pain of losing a team previously, to New Jersey the of all places.
  10. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    I've coached a few kids like that. They're a cancer that has to be dumped as soon as possible or you'll lose the team. Well played Coach
  11. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    We traded away his kid when the league assigned him to me. He was a great athlete but a total jackass. The other coach was so happy to send us his kid. Then four weeks later the jackass quit. The other coaches thought we put the fix in to get him and could not believe we did not want him. Was glad to send him to them.
  12. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    The Neu Yawk is strong in that one.
  13. Winter is here social

    Yep, Texas in April. It should start warming up by then
  14. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    It’s a shitshow and the driver is caught in the middle of it all. It is why I really want to hear more and follow these court cases. Everyone, right now, seems has a good argument for why they are correct in their actions (well, except for the legal definition of marijuana in Idaho). TRO
  15. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    What a clusterfuck. The poor driver us getting a bum rap. F U GOP and your stupid pot policies!
  16. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    Ha Ha. The Saint is a neighbor of mine. His wife MJ is a local realtor. At one time he was the Ws GM. Mullin lived here as well. Kids went to school with mine. Did not like that guy or his brat kid.
  17. Winter is here social

    Must be time for contract negotiations
  18. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    He looks like Gary St.Jean the old Warriors assistant coach who now does pre & post game on Warrior games. He wasn't on TV eth last game so maybe this is him
  19. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    It’s the state of Idaho who has the cannabis (not the feds) and is charging the hired driver with marijuana trafficking. States rights means Idaho keeps the cannabis (purchased in Oregon, going to Colorado for processing) and a worker goes to state prison for a minimum of 5 years for doing the job he was hired to do. TRO edit: FU CNN and your ******* reference tracking URLs
  20. Winter is here social

    Trouble at SWA: This looks like a spat with their union. Southwest Airlines on Friday morning issued a blunt memo to hundreds of the carrier’s mechanics. The memo, which came Lonnie Warren, Southwest's senior director of tech ops production, declared what the low-fare carrier called a “state of operational emergency.” The Chicago Business Journal obtained a copy of the memo, sent to 277 mechanics based in Houston and 167 mechanics in Orlando, Florida. The same memo also was distributed to 375 Southwest mechanics based in Phoenix and another 80 based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some 2,400 mechanics work full time for Southwest. All Southwest mechanics belong to the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA). Warren wrote in the memo: “We have been experiencing an unusually high number of out-of-service aircraft over the last few days. Due to this number of out of service aircraft, our operation requires all of our scheduled aircraft maintenance technicians and inspectors. We have an obligation to our customers and to our fellow employees to safely and efficiently run our operation.” Then Warren’s memo turned tougher. Warren said any mechanics “alleging illness” will require a doctor’s note on their first day back, and went on to say that “failure to comply may be considered insubordination and abuse of sick leave which could result in termination.”
  21. Yesterday
  22. Perhaps passing out with a gun in your lap being a very bad idea should be considered prior to setting out for a taco run. I get that Taco Bell is hazardous to your health but a gun isn't going to protect you from those hazards. Another healthy thought, when the cops say put your hands up the proper, and healthy, response would be to put your hands up. Moving your hand(s) towards the gun can lead to lead poisoning. Not healthy!
  23. Winter is here social

    in lighter news this is a real place and it's not what you think. they just do nails.
  24. Winter is here social

    If any talking head says, "We're not out of the drought yet..." they should receive a sound beating! 👊👊👊👊
  25. GDT Sharks @ Vegas 7pm

    For me these are fun games to watch and be entertained. It does not change my life one way or another. But still.....F the Kings!
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