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  2. Photobucket gonna hold a drunk man down?
  3. For a time. Italian genes don't do me dirty!
  4. Actually with all the appeals and re-appeals, and delays and whatever, life without parole may become cheaper than death sentence. I would suggest penal labor in the mines and the fields to replace all the force that needs to be deported.
  5. So, at $75k, the taxpayers of California could save over $56 million per year if they just whacked all the death row inmates.
  6. Swell, there goes another ~$75k/year of taxpayer money keeping another POS housed and fed in prison for life...
  7. When I left Fremont this afternoon, NB-880 was a cluster-**** pretty much all the way to 280.
  8. But you got the hair working for you
  9. I found out from Sub Zero, he posted it earlier today. Sonny was a badass in a lot of movies besides Predator
  10. ****, man. Hope he cut himself with a ******* machete and went out like a boss. Guess I'm watching Predator tonight.
  11. I am in between and lack both body and wisdom. Doh!
  12. Harley run up to Fort Bragg tomorrow, let me know when Hockey starts
  13. I think just one so far. Did I miss others..? She should get flushed. Any Senator talking assassination, even in jest, should be bounced and prosecuted. Party and politics are irrelevant.
  14. Because the vocal minority on all sides who the masses allow to represent them through tacit approval are so heavily entrenched in the respective dogmata they refuse to acknowledge another possibility exists and that the only truth is the one being spewed from the mouths of the vocal minority TRO
  15. Dreamer?
  16. Yesterday
  17. What kind of idiot calls the police dept to complain about traffic. Fremont Police Department 10 mins · Please expect delays this evening due to heavy traffic in Fremont. An earlier fire in Alameda County and a current vehicle stall in Niles Canyon (SR84) is contributing to an already busy afternoon in our City. Transportation Engineers and Police Traffic Officers are monitoring the situation and strategizing ways to help traffic flow in Fremont. Unfortunately I880, I680 and SR84 are all experiencing heavy traffic causing backups in Niles, Mission San Jose, the East/West Industrial area as well as other parts of town. We we strongly encourage commuters to stay on freeways. Don't trust your apps - attempting shortcuts via Fremont residential areas further congests traffic and may not reduce your drive time. We recommend east bay commuters take I880 north to I580 via 238 in Castro Valley. Fremont Traffic officers will be rotating to complaint areas throughout the City as best they can over the next several hours. Due to heavy call volume, we ask that motorists not call dispatch with traffic complaints unless they are reporting a collision or emergency situation.
  18. Newark, NJ - New Jersey Devils Executive Vice President/General Manager Ray Shero provided the following update on center Travis Zajac. "This morning, Travis Zajac underwent successful surgery to repair a torn left pectoral muscle that was suffered last week during off-season training. The procedure was performed by the club's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan L. Glashow. Zajac's expected recovery time is approximately four to six months."
  19. Will the so called free speech people be willing to debate any of this? why can we not have an honest exchange of ideas?
  20. So it's not the first time you've been compared to a grain of rice? A jelly belly is still bigger than a grain of rice! Interesting reference though, coming from a guy with boiler like yours. You're like a human solar eclipse! The temperature drops five degrees in the shadow of that gut of yours!
  21. The old 'grain of rice' attempt is pretty stale. But you pizzin through something the size of a jelly belly your entire life IS funny - but in a bit of a pathetic way.
  22. At least I can hold mine without needing magnification and a pair of sharp tweezers. You, of all people, should avoid such jokes. Particularly after your embarrassing incident at the county fair when you asked to get your schween tattooed at the "Your Name on a Grain of Rice" booth.
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