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  2. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    I dunno. That white patch on Obama's left temple does resemble a sperm. And the artist has a history of that kind of thing
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  4. Olympics Thread

    Now that's a sport I'd totally watch.
  5. The Sharks would be able to afford a 2nd line winger at the deadline.
  6. It's a school night. I'll be treading lightly. I have two meetings the following morning. One in which I am presenting. Being hungover won't show very well. Edit: I'll check with work if there are any discount tix available. They're lower bowl but not club though...
  7. T'was a good game .. for about 30 some minutes until they slowed down. I will never understand why they do that. Anyway, kid had fun, the lady with me had fun even though she didn't quite know what was going on. Saw Danville and yelled at him vigorously but he seemed very focused. Not a bad thing. Pub night at the tank sounds expensive but **** it I am in
  8. Both. Can you imagine what the beer tab will be with the likes of Danville, CMH, and Redbeard together? Especially at arena prices!
  9. NHL Discussion Thread

    The PC police might have something to say over the name and logo of the Blackhawks. Just sayin.
  10. NHL Discussion Thread

    #GTFO Good riddance . Nobody wants to sit near people like this.
  11. NHL Discussion Thread

    The Chicago Blackhawks have informed the four fans ejected Saturday for making racial slurs that they are no longer welcome in the United Center. "Racist comments and other inappropriate behavior are not tolerated by the Chicago Blackhawks."
  12. It's "Sourpusses of the world, unite!" IN THE WAKE of last week’s indictments alleging that 13 Russian nationals and entities created fake social media accounts and sponsored political events to sow political discord in the U.S., something of a consensus has arisen in the political and media class (with some notable exceptions) that these actions not only constitute an “act of war” against the U.S., but one so grave that it is tantamount to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Indeed, that Russia’s alleged “meddling” is comparable to the two most devastating attacks in U.S. history has, overnight, become a virtual cliché. The claim that Russian meddling in the election is “an act of war” comparable to these events isn’t brand new. Senators from both parties, such as Republican John McCain and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, have long described Russian meddling in 2016 as an “act of war.” Hillary Clinton, while promoting her book last October, described Russia’s alleged hacking of the DNC and John Podesta’s email inbox as a “cyber 9/11.” And last February, the always-war-hungry Tom Friedman of the New York Times said on Morning Joe that Russian hacking “was a 9/11 scale event. They attacked the core of our democracy. That was a Pearl Harbor scale event.” So, "Trump is going to push us into war with North Korea", "Trump is going to push is into war with Iran", "Trump is going to push us..." "Let's go to war with Russia!"
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  14. Football Thread 2017

    AT&T/Direct TV today raised the price of Sunday Ticket including the Red Zone to $395.00 Screw that
  15. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    We have one news network that leans right but you just cant have that can you? #thestateknowsall
  16. NHL Discussion Thread

    I thought this was a business
  17. lol.. Why bring Trump in? The post was about Sean Hannity. The number one cable news and radio propagandist liar in America. And his apparent weird infatuation with semen. Spooge. Cum. Jizz. Sputnik. Crisco. Ball-batter. #moron?
  18. Buy a ticket for the Oilers game on the 27th and bring beer money.
  19. OT The Pit V cant we all just get along?

    Hannity on crack? Can a portrait just be a portrait? Of course anything and everything Trump is fair game right? #DNCtroll
  20. NHL Discussion Thread

    Then you change the rules that he hasn't anymore. At least he can't contact the goalie prior to the puck crossing the line.
  21. Sean Hannity thinks Obama's portrait is filled with secret money shot sauce. --- There's been a lot of talk about President Obama's newly-unveiled portrait -- but few critics were as disgusted as Sean Hannity, who somehow managed to find it sexually explicit. The image features Obama wearing a dark suit and sitting in a wooden chair, a wall of flowers and greenery in the background. Hannity quickly racked up more than a thousand retweets by asserting that the painting includes "inappropriate sexual innuendo." He then linked to an article on his website: "PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama portrait features 'Secret Sperm.'" But hours later, after making waves on social media, Hannity apparently had a change of heart, deleting not only the tweet but also the entire web page. Hannity has not yet addressed the deleted tweet -- or whether he really does believe that it features hidden imagery of semen.
  22. Olympics Thread

    Hahaha participiation trophies meeting merit competition. Outstanding point about the Mexican and the Tongan. And another reason not to watch the Olympics.
  23. NHL Discussion Thread

    I think the point is to make it a hard and fast rule so that we don't have as much confusion. Kind of like the whole puck over the glass rule.
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